Daily Tarot for May 22, 2014

Good morning all, sorry about missing yesterday. Busy busy!

The reading today looks like it’s all about making sacrifices in the name of love.




In the top row we have the Magician, the Ace of Coins, and the Eight of Wands.  The Magician is about power, and choices made regarding use of that power. In many decks the Magician is pictured at a cross roads with the Aces of each suit. When we come to a cross roads in our life we have the power to choose which road we will take and that choice will shape your destiny. The Eight of Wands is about fast communication and quick action, and the Ace of Coins is the pure embodiment of the suit of coins which is about prosperity, trust and security. The Ace of Coins is the seed you plant with hope for future harvest. Putting all of these together, this row is about making life decisions, and putting plans into place with regard to future prosperity.

The bottom three cards are the Hanging Man, the Ten of Swords, and the Ace of Cups. There are sacrifices to be made, they will be painful. The Hanging Man is about self-sacrifice for the good of others. He asks the question “what do you need to give up, in order to get what you want?”

Something else that I see here is that the Hanging Man is right underneath the Ace of Coins and see how the money is falling away from him? It looks to me like what may be happening here is that you will need to dip into that nest egg that you have worked so hard to create in the top row. Also, with the Eight of Wands representing fast communication and the Hanging Man being the next card, this may indicate receiving news that  literally has quite suddenly “turned your life upside down.” Either way, it looks like you will need to fork out the money. The Hanging Man and the Ten of Swords together suggests martyrdom. You aren’t exactly happy about these sacrifices but you do it out of love. (Ace of cups.)


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