Daily Tarot for May 20, 2014

Good morning all!

Interesting situation we have here today! I wasn’t sure about the best way to present it, as a whole all at once, or with my basic layout and the extra cards displayed one at a time in the usual way. I decided to go ahead with kind of a combination of both in an attempt to put on screen what I see in front of me. Just keep in mind which cards are beside which and how they influence each other. This is going to be a very involved reading….





I think this reading is about the same issue we saw yesterday.  In the top row we have the Queen of Cups, the Page of Wands and the Queen of Coins. Royals may represent concepts or they may represent actual people. Queens take on the inward principles of the suit, they are about thinking and feeling the aspects of the suit. Pages are much like the Aces of the royals they embody the essence of the suit. So, here we have two strong women with the Page of Wands between them. It feels like they have a strong bond of creativity that brings them together. (Keep in mind here as well that water is about feeling and intuition and pentacles is about grounded practicality.)

In the second row we have the struggle of the Five of Wands, and the clear headed, analytical King of Swords we had yesterday, and on the bottom we have the Emperor who often represents structure and authority. Whether the Queens represent actual people or concepts, it seems we have two side of a struggle and a King attempting to arbitrate. The Page of Wands is about being creative and trying to go in a new direction to find original solutions.


Now throwing more cards for clarification, under the Queen of Cups  and  the Five of wands we have the Eight of Swords we saw yesterday. This feeling of being restricted and not being able to find a solution. Then under this is the Ace of Cups, which is the embodiment of the suit, it represents deep feeling and compassion.

On the OTHER side, under the Queen of Coins we have along with the King of Swords, the Two of Coins which is about keeping things balanced, being worried, and using mental and intellect to solve the issue. So you see how this is structured? Two Queens on on either side, and two Aces, one on each side. One is the emotion of the suit of water and the other is the mental force of swords, and in the middle we have this King who is trying to perform a juggling act between the two and keep everything in balance.



Now, in the middle of this, we have the Emperor who represents structure and authority. The establishment of rules and guidelines, and I would like to note that sometimes the Emperor can represent organizations of establishment such as governments, schools, and churches….) . Throwing a card over this we have the Moon which represents confusion, and the Ten of Cups, that we saw yesterday.

Whether these Queens represent people or concepts, what is really needed here is balance between issues of the heart and issues of practicality and thought. The struggle we see in the Five of Wands is about confusion more than it is about defense, see how none of the fellows in this fight seem to know where to aim? It’s a confused muddle. The confusion of the Moon is often a combination of fear and bewilderment. It’s like trying to make your way through the forest at night. Fear has its roots in what you cannot see in the shadows. Things are not clear and it’s difficult to find the path.  We want this peace and harmony of the Ten of Cups but getting there is elusive (Moon). The answer is there in the Page of Wands who says “If there’s a will, there’s a way”.


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