Weekend Spread for May 16, 2014

Greetings all!

It looks like we have a continuation of yesterday’s reading.





On the top row we have the Ten of Wands, the Three of Swords and the Nine of Swords. These burdens you are carrying are bringing you to your breaking point.

The Two of Swords says you’ve been unable to make a decision one way or the other, you have been patient and holding it all together but also you’ve been looking the other way and maybe somewhat in denial and it’s time to take off the blind fold and stop kidding yourself.


Throwing extra cards on top of these, we get the Knight of Swords which says the time for patience and forbearance is over and it’s time to cut the crap and look at the truth! The Four of Cups has two messages for you, along with that Two of Swords and the Temperance card it reinforces a feeling of apathy. The Knight of Swords and the Four of Cups are opposed to each other and it reinforces this feeling of being caught in this stalemate, perhaps being too afraid to act. The time for thinking and planning is over!

The Page of Wands tells you to be bold, have courage. Believe in yourself and trust in yourself. Do this and the World is yours!



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