Daily Tarot for May 12, 2014





I hope you all had a nice Mother’s Day weekend! It almost seems that our reading today honors of that day as well, as we have both sides of the feminine principle represented today! In the top row we have the Empress which is the great mother, connected to birth, bounty, and the earthy physical, and at the bottom we have the High Priestess who is representative of that part of the feminine that is connected to mystery of life, intuition, and the great unknown.

The Ace of Swords is the Embodiment of that suit, it’s about truth, justice, and clarity, then on the other side of the Empress we have Justice which is divine balance. For more clarity on this top row I threw another card which is the Ace of Wands.


The Ace of Wands, the Ace of Swords and the Empress all represent new beginnings. Great bursts of intellectual power and clarity (Ace of Swords) as well as great bursts of creativity (Ace of Wands), this feels like someone is having an “AHA!” moment that is going to result in something new and wonderful! (Pregnant Empress).

Throwing another card over the Justice card, we get the Five of Cups.


The decision is made, it is time to release old regrets and past mistakes.

The Six of Wands represents esteem, triumph and acclaim, right beside the Ten of Wands I’d say this row is about triumphing over hard and difficult times. It’s been a long hard hall, and you’ve finally made it through.

The High Priestess at the bottom of all of this is a reminder that when we go through the peaks and valleys of living that we are initiated into the greater mysteries of life. See how the Scroll that the High Priestess holds is the same as the scrolls held by the Goddess of Justice? This reminds me of the ancient Egyptian principle of Maat, cosmic justice, truth, and balance. The Goddess Maat, of the underworld (like the high priestess) is also the Goddess of Justice. You have learned some of life’s great lessons and are wiser for it.

Now it is time to begin again, new and fresh! (As I wrote this, I thought to myself, the only card missing here is Judgement… I wonder… so I pulled the next card and Voila!)



8 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for May 12, 2014

  1. You’re back to the Divine Tarot deck. It’s hard for me not to be moved by these cards. I weep with the Five of Cups, struggle with the Ten of Wands.

  2. Love this Reading and especially love the Deck you are using. Their imagery is powerful.

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