Weekend Spread for May 9, 2014

Greetings everyone, it looks like someone will be doing a good deal of soul searching this weekend.




In the top row we have the Four of Cups, the Seven of Wands, and the Eight of Pentacles. The Four of Cups often indicates listlessness, apathy, or withdraw. Sometimes it just means you want a little time alone for contemplation but when we put it with the Six of Swords AND the Hermit in the second row that meaning is magnified and we are looking at depression. Then with the Nine of Swords at the bottom that looks even more like grief, sadness. It looks like the depression is pretty severe.

The Seven of Wands and the Eight of Pentacles makes me wonder if maybe you’ve been having trouble at work. A situation that puts you on the defensive. Seven of Wands can also be about defiance, and when the Four of Cups is beside the diligence of the Eight of Pentacles it indicates a lack of interest in your job. Placing another card on top of those for more information, it is the Eight of Swords, a feeling of being trapped and helpless.


The Six of Swords, which is as I said an indication of depression is also a card about movement, trying to make a move from a bad situation to hopefully a better one. Along with the Hermit, this suggests to me that you need to take some time to contemplate your options, and yes, it’s worrying to the point of sleepless nights that we see in the Nine of Swords.

Throwing down a couple more cards, we see the King of Swords and the Lovers.



It’s time for a meeting with the boss. You need to analyze the situation, determine what is really important to you, and make a choice.


Good luck!



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