Daily Tarot for May 8, 2014

Daily Tarot for May 8, 2014


Greetings all!

Today we have someone faced with a moral decision.




In the top Row, we have the Five of Swords which is a card about conflict, but more than that it is about acting dishonorably and selfishly. The Ace of Pentacles has several meanings with regard to prosperity but I think beside the Five of Swords I would say it’s also about being practical and grounded and using common sense.


Just to be certain I threw another card over the Ace and it is the Knight of Swords. This confirms that you need to think clearly and logically. This is not the time to rush into things without taking time to really think about the consequences of your actions. This is echoed in the Hermit, which is about taking time alone to contemplate your actions.

In the middle row we have the Five of Pentacles and the Nine of Cups and in the bottom row we have the Lovers. The Lovers is about being faced with a choice. It is placed between the Five of Pentacles  and the Nine of Cups which is about wish fulfillment, getting what you want, and sensual pleasure. This is opposite to the lack and hardship we see in the Five of Pentacles. The Lovers too, of course, has a double meaning. It is about facing a choice and it is about sensual pleasure. I believe this is a warning that if you choose the path of self-indulgence you risk losing everything. You may feel like you are “hard up” but look again, are things really that bad? You have the material security of the Ace of Pentacles, and you have the luxury of the Nine of Cups. Perhaps you’ve become complacent in your comfort. Be honest with yourself, (Knight of Swords) if you feel like you are lacking something in your life (Five of Pentacles), look within (The Hermit).

I hope this helps,





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