Daily Tarot for May 6, 2013






Greetings all!

I see our old friend the Ten of Wands is back again. I remember several months ago it was coming up every day! The going is tough, the work load has really been piled on and you’re beginning to wear out. The Seven of Cups has you wondering what your other options are. With the Seven of Cups and the Four of Cups together, it feels like you are overworked to the point of letting it all go, and simply giving up. The word “Whatever” is coming to mind often. That’s what we say when we are overburdened and simply cannot take on one more thing.

The Nine of Pentacles represents someone who is successful because they are self-disciplined and self-reliant. The Emperor represents authority and structure and following guidelines, while the Six of Wands at the bottom is symbolic of success and victory. It is a celebration and recognition of a job well done. You can get through it, you have the strong independent spirit of the Nine of Pentacles. Be strong and disciplined, maintain the order and try not to fall into the wishful thinking (or illusions) of the Seven of Cups and the apathy of the Four of Cups. If you can do this you will have accomplished your goal and that’s something to be proud of!





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