Weekend Spread for May 2, 2014

Greetings all! I am thinking the pattern of the last few days is over. We have a completely different set of new cards except for the Eight of Cups in the second row.





I think today it looks like we have a situation where someone faces a choice. This is a highly emotional situation as is indicated by the Ace of Cups in the center of the top row.  The Two of Wands is about personal power and taking bold action. The Three of Pentacles is another one of those cards that can have several meanings so we need to look carefully at the surrounding cards. In the Llewellyn deck, we see a woman sitting quietly and working diligently. This card can be about working hard. It is often about carefully putting a plan into place and making the preparations to see it through. Traditional decks usually depict three men exchanging money, and it can stand for team work to get it done. In this case we see the next card, in the second row is the Eight of Cups. This is one that has shown up frequently lately. It is about making a choice to move on from a situation. Because these two are so close together along with the Two of Wands and the Ace of Cups I’d say this is a choice someone is making either to stay and “work on it” or to leave it behind. Another interpretation of this is that you have very diligently constructed a plan and you are now ready to put that plan into action.

The Queen of Rods is a powerful woman of confidence. Whether you choose to stay or choose to leave, you are taking control. Have confidence in yourself. This message is reinforced in the Two of Wands which again is about making bold decisions, and is often about looking to new horizons and making plans (again with the planning) for new adventures. The woman in the Two is depicted holding a gold sphere. She is taking destiny into her own hands, she isn’t going to wait for the situation to simply choose for her. The Two of Wands is related to the Magician only it’s on a more personal level.

The Knight of Swords on the bottom says you may need to act quickly. He is also about being decisive and logical. (He can also be somewhat blunt… just be aware of that in case this situation involves the feelings of another person.)



Just for good measure, I pulled another card and it is the Hermit. Once you’ve put those carefully made plans into action, take some time to yourself to just contemplate what you have learned through this whole process.






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