Daily Tarot for May 1, 2014

Wow, we seem to really have something going here. Today we are getting many of the same cards that we’ve seen in the last several days. The Sun card is even in the same spot as it was on Tuesday and this is the third day in a row that we’ve seen the Ace of Swords. Matter of fact, every one of these cards we’ve already seen this week multiple times! The only one that is new is Justice at the bottom.





Looking at this spread I thought to myself, the only card missing here, is the Six of Pentacles (which has shown up twice in the last three days).  “I wonder”, I thought to myself as I drew two more cards. The first was the PAGE of Pentacles



and THEN, you’ll never guess! The SIX of Pentacles!


Look at the grouping of the Ace of Swords, the Death card, the Seven of Pentacles, and the Sun card. Remember previously this week the Sun Card was right beside the Death card, this time they are still in close proximity.  Death signifies that you are making one of life’s great transitions. You’ve been giving some very serious consideration to what you have sown and reaped in the past (Seven of Pentacles). You can also see this in the Ten of Pentacles which often represents the building of a legacy. It’s about family, home, prosperity and enjoying all that you have built. This reading feels like the completion of a Quest. A personal quest to understand your life and the meaning of “it all” is becoming clear (Ace of Swords) and finally “dawning” on you (the Sun). You are understanding the laws of cause and effect (Justice), and that Joy (the Sun) and Prosperity and Contentment (Ten of Pentacles) is yours because you create it with your own actions and your own choices.

Things are good, you are prosperous, you have done well, and now it’s time to keep the scales of Justice balanced and give back. The generosity of spirit in the Page of Pentacles is what influences the benefactor we see in the Six of Pentacles. Today this Six of Pentacles is about having the power to make a difference.





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