Weekend Spread for May 30, 2014

Good morning all!




Today we have a reading that looks to be about forgiveness and hope. It’s also full of advice. In the top row we see the Seven of Wands which is about “taking a stand”. If you find you are in the position of defending yourself you will need to remain grounded. Now is not the time for fantasy or drama. Be real and be honest, because the day of Judgement is here.

The Nine of Coins is a card that depicts a successful woman enjoying the life she has created for herself. She is successful because she was disciplined and worked hard. This card is telling you to restrain yourself, be tactful and diplomatic. This message is reinforced by the Temperance card. Show Temperance! Be cooperative and be willing to compromise. (Especially if it is you who is on the defensive side in the Seven of Wands and are asking for forgiveness in the Judgement card!)

If you behave in the manner described above, there may be hope. (Star).


Good luck


Daily Tarot for May 29, 2014


Greetings everyone. Sorry the Daily Tarot has become somewhat sporadic the last while. Things have been busy with the end of the school year approaching and the transitions that take place at this time of year.




Our reading today is about learning lessons, letting go, and the decision to “go it alone”. In the top row we have the Seven of Cups, the Empress, and the Five of Wands. I’m going to focus first on the Empress, traditionally the Empress represents abundance, sensuality, and earthiness. She is the Mother Goddess and represents the Mother principle in the Tarot. Sometimes when she shows up in a reading she can quite literally represent the querent’s mother or a mother figure. What is interesting here, is that she is located between the Seven of Cups and the Five of Wands.  The Seven of Cups can symbolize a couple of things. It can symbolize choices, and being faced with too many of them so that we are confused and overwhelmed. It can symbolize fantasy and wishful thinking, sometimes to the point of not looking at reality and perhaps being caught up in addictive patterns of behavior.  On the other side of the Empress is the Five of Wands. We’ve had this Five a few times in the last while. It represents conflict, arguments, debates and it too represents confusion. Because we have two cards symbolizing “confusion” on both sides of the Empress, I just get the feeling this time the Empress represents a person who embodies the qualities of the Empress. Someone who is loving, nurturing, and wants to take care of others and help but she is confused as to what to do and perhaps conflicted about whether she should intervene or what role she should play. This Five of Wands may also represents arguments and struggles she is having not only within herself but with someone else.

The strong earthy sensuality of the Empress combined with the “over indulgence” of the Seven of Cups and the Seven’s tendency towards addictive behavior brings to mind repetitive cycles of behavior, and beside the Five of Wands there is this struggle to break the cycle. The “wishful thinking” aspect of the Seven of Cups hints at how you keep getting sucked into this cycle. Drawing another card for clarification and placing it on top of this row, it is the Strength card. You will need to find the inner strength to break this cycle.


In the second row we see the Hanging Man and the Seven of Swords. The Hanging Man is much like the fool, in fact he is the Fool of the second half of the wheel of the Major Arcana. He has learned some lessons and he wants to move on to a new path but he must make sacrifices to do so. In order to have a new beginning you must leave some things behind. What I find interesting in this version of the Hanging Man, is the depiction of what appears to be a mirror and an hour glass underneath him. The hour glass is at its half way point. The mirror of course is about self-reflection, and the hour glass half full begs the question, “Who are you really, and how do you want to spend the time that is left to you?” The Hanging Man always asks you “what are you willing to sacrifice to move forward?”

The card beside the Hanging Man is the Seven of Swords and underneath them both we have the Hermit. The Seven of Swords is another one of those cards that has multiple meanings and you need to really examine the surrounding cards.  This seven can represent dishonorable conduct. Shirking responsibility, letting others take the blame, lying, stealing, and covering one’s tracks… this sort of thing. There is a selfishness about this cycle of behavior. You’d better take a look at how it’s affecting those around you. (Often the Seven of Swords depicts a man taking all the swords away from others and keeping them for himself. Sometimes the others he is taking them from are children…) From a broader perspective it can also mean being the “lone wolf” and preferring solitude. This is reinforced by the Hermit in the bottom row. All in all, in order to break this cycle that we talked about in the top row, you feel you need to go your own way.


Throwing another card over these for more clarification we have the Four of Wands which often represents the joy that is experienced once you break free of bonds that hold you. The Hermit not only represents being alone, but also represents taking time for introspection. Think about all you have learned from this and take the time to examine these lessons (the mirror in the Hanging Man) and integrate them into your life. This is the wisdom of the Hermit.


I hope this helps!



Daily Tarot for May 27, 2014

Daily Tarot for May 27, 2014


Greetings all! I hope you all had a nice Memorial Day weekend.

Today we have a reading for someone who started on a new life journey expecting success and accolades, (maybe thinking it was going to be a piece of cake) but got more than what they bargained for.




In the top row we have the Fool, The Six of Wands, and the Ten of Wands. The Fool generally means beginning a new phase or starting a whole new cycle. There is a feeling of adventure, hope and faith about this card. Beside the Six of Wands we get the definite feeling that there was some measure of success surrounding this, or certainly a hope for great things but the Ten of Wands says that the work load was maybe more than what you were expecting, or that the task was much harder than you thought it would be and you are struggling. This is reinforced by the Six of Swords which often represents depression. This job is not what it was cracked up to be and the Six of Swords right beside the Hermit may also be telling you that you need to go on a little vacation. Spend some time in solitude and take some time to reassess and recharge. You might find that if you take some time to yourself you can return with more energy, and will be able to take a whole new creative approach. (Two of Wands.)




Daily Tarot for May 22, 2014

Good morning all, sorry about missing yesterday. Busy busy!

The reading today looks like it’s all about making sacrifices in the name of love.




In the top row we have the Magician, the Ace of Coins, and the Eight of Wands.  The Magician is about power, and choices made regarding use of that power. In many decks the Magician is pictured at a cross roads with the Aces of each suit. When we come to a cross roads in our life we have the power to choose which road we will take and that choice will shape your destiny. The Eight of Wands is about fast communication and quick action, and the Ace of Coins is the pure embodiment of the suit of coins which is about prosperity, trust and security. The Ace of Coins is the seed you plant with hope for future harvest. Putting all of these together, this row is about making life decisions, and putting plans into place with regard to future prosperity.

The bottom three cards are the Hanging Man, the Ten of Swords, and the Ace of Cups. There are sacrifices to be made, they will be painful. The Hanging Man is about self-sacrifice for the good of others. He asks the question “what do you need to give up, in order to get what you want?”

Something else that I see here is that the Hanging Man is right underneath the Ace of Coins and see how the money is falling away from him? It looks to me like what may be happening here is that you will need to dip into that nest egg that you have worked so hard to create in the top row. Also, with the Eight of Wands representing fast communication and the Hanging Man being the next card, this may indicate receiving news that  literally has quite suddenly “turned your life upside down.” Either way, it looks like you will need to fork out the money. The Hanging Man and the Ten of Swords together suggests martyrdom. You aren’t exactly happy about these sacrifices but you do it out of love. (Ace of cups.)

Daily Tarot for May 20, 2014

Good morning all!

Interesting situation we have here today! I wasn’t sure about the best way to present it, as a whole all at once, or with my basic layout and the extra cards displayed one at a time in the usual way. I decided to go ahead with kind of a combination of both in an attempt to put on screen what I see in front of me. Just keep in mind which cards are beside which and how they influence each other. This is going to be a very involved reading….





I think this reading is about the same issue we saw yesterday.  In the top row we have the Queen of Cups, the Page of Wands and the Queen of Coins. Royals may represent concepts or they may represent actual people. Queens take on the inward principles of the suit, they are about thinking and feeling the aspects of the suit. Pages are much like the Aces of the royals they embody the essence of the suit. So, here we have two strong women with the Page of Wands between them. It feels like they have a strong bond of creativity that brings them together. (Keep in mind here as well that water is about feeling and intuition and pentacles is about grounded practicality.)

In the second row we have the struggle of the Five of Wands, and the clear headed, analytical King of Swords we had yesterday, and on the bottom we have the Emperor who often represents structure and authority. Whether the Queens represent actual people or concepts, it seems we have two side of a struggle and a King attempting to arbitrate. The Page of Wands is about being creative and trying to go in a new direction to find original solutions.


Now throwing more cards for clarification, under the Queen of Cups  and  the Five of wands we have the Eight of Swords we saw yesterday. This feeling of being restricted and not being able to find a solution. Then under this is the Ace of Cups, which is the embodiment of the suit, it represents deep feeling and compassion.

On the OTHER side, under the Queen of Coins we have along with the King of Swords, the Two of Coins which is about keeping things balanced, being worried, and using mental and intellect to solve the issue. So you see how this is structured? Two Queens on on either side, and two Aces, one on each side. One is the emotion of the suit of water and the other is the mental force of swords, and in the middle we have this King who is trying to perform a juggling act between the two and keep everything in balance.



Now, in the middle of this, we have the Emperor who represents structure and authority. The establishment of rules and guidelines, and I would like to note that sometimes the Emperor can represent organizations of establishment such as governments, schools, and churches….) . Throwing a card over this we have the Moon which represents confusion, and the Ten of Cups, that we saw yesterday.

Whether these Queens represent people or concepts, what is really needed here is balance between issues of the heart and issues of practicality and thought. The struggle we see in the Five of Wands is about confusion more than it is about defense, see how none of the fellows in this fight seem to know where to aim? It’s a confused muddle. The confusion of the Moon is often a combination of fear and bewilderment. It’s like trying to make your way through the forest at night. Fear has its roots in what you cannot see in the shadows. Things are not clear and it’s difficult to find the path.  We want this peace and harmony of the Ten of Cups but getting there is elusive (Moon). The answer is there in the Page of Wands who says “If there’s a will, there’s a way”.

Daily Tarot for May 19, 2014

Daily Tarot for May 19, 2014


Greetings everyone!

It looks like our old friend the Ten of Wands will be here with us for a while. This is the third time straight the Ten has turned up. The Two of Swords is also makes an appearance as we saw last Friday. (I’ve had a few readings since Friday as well so it’s not like the deck hasn’t been well shuffled…)





As usual, let’s start by looking at the top row. We have the Two of Swords, the Four of Wands and the Ten of Wands. At first glance this may seem pretty confusing. Very often the Four of Wands is a card about joy and celebration, however, it is also a card about freedom, release and breaking free of bonds. Put it beside the Ten of Wands and you have an oppressive situation from which you wish to break free. Add the Two of Swords, which is about stalemate, or a refusal to look at the truth.

The situation is miserable. Just look at the Five of Cups.  Try to keep in mind that while three of the cups are broken and spilled, there are still two cups that are unbroken. They just need to be filled… The Eight of Coins indicates that there is a need for close examination and attention to detail to find a solution. (Just look at this fellow’s face it says… “How am I going to pay for this?”) It’s time to take off the blinders and get down to the nitty gritty.

The Knight of Wands is bold and adventurous, but he can also be reckless and foolhardy. We need to examine the situation carefully to interpret what is really going on when knights appear. Especially this one. So throwing more cards we get the Six of Wands, and the Eight of Swords.


With this combination  it looks to me like bold and daring is leaning a bit more towards rash, and overconfident. Refusing to look at the truth (two of swords) has created a situation of entrapment. (As echoed in the Ten of Wands and the Four of Wands). The Eight of Swords is often a situation of your own making. See how the figure is blindfolded again, if she were to remove the blindfold, she would see all of the swords surrounding her and perhaps even use one of them to cut herself free.


It’s going to take some clear, analytical thinking and hard work (King of Swords and three of Pentacles) to get out of this situation. When kings appear in a reading they tell you to act the way they would act. This king is level headed, and analytical. He is also just, and stands for truth. Sometimes of course, court cards actually represent people who embody those qualities. I get the feeling this time this is an actual person. He’s analytical, AND he knows how to make money. (He’s right beside the three of Coins! Look at the master at work!)  Two of Wands is about taking a leadership role, it’s about facing the situation head on with a creative new approach.


This leads to the success and contentment we see in the happy home of the Ten of Cups.

Weekend Spread for May 16, 2014

Greetings all!

It looks like we have a continuation of yesterday’s reading.





On the top row we have the Ten of Wands, the Three of Swords and the Nine of Swords. These burdens you are carrying are bringing you to your breaking point.

The Two of Swords says you’ve been unable to make a decision one way or the other, you have been patient and holding it all together but also you’ve been looking the other way and maybe somewhat in denial and it’s time to take off the blind fold and stop kidding yourself.


Throwing extra cards on top of these, we get the Knight of Swords which says the time for patience and forbearance is over and it’s time to cut the crap and look at the truth! The Four of Cups has two messages for you, along with that Two of Swords and the Temperance card it reinforces a feeling of apathy. The Knight of Swords and the Four of Cups are opposed to each other and it reinforces this feeling of being caught in this stalemate, perhaps being too afraid to act. The time for thinking and planning is over!

The Page of Wands tells you to be bold, have courage. Believe in yourself and trust in yourself. Do this and the World is yours!