Daily Tarot for April 28, 2014

Greetings all! I hope you had a good weekend!

Today it looks like we have a reading about hearth and home and the marriage partnership. In the top row we have the Knight of Swords followed by the Two of Cups and the Ten of Pentacles.


The two of cups in the center of this top row appears to be the central card of this reading. The Knight on the left represents quick action, he’s not your romantic knight at all, he’s the warrior knight who jumps into the fray and gets things done. On the other side, we have a domestic view.  The two of cups appears to be the balancing point. Things are busy, everybody is working hard, whether you are the knight who gallops out to work in the morning, or the homekeeper who keeps it all running smoothly behind the scenes, remember to meet in the middle and support each other. This is a partnership with both roles being equally important. Lean on each other for strength, listen to each other and be there for each other.


The center row is interesting. We have the Ace of Pentacles and the Six of Pentacles. In both cards we see a hand giving us what we need. The first is a disembodied hand, like the hand of the universe providing us with a gift. The Six of Pentacles is more about a person or institution of authority handing out money, giving loans or providing charity. Whether it’s money or some other necessity,  you will receive the help you need, which makes it possible for you to take a much needed break, reflected in the Four of Swords.


The Ten of Pentacles at the top, sometimes represents an inn or a hotel. In a nutshell…

Things have been super busy and chaotic (Knight of Swords), when that tax refund comes in (Ace and Six of Pentacles), it’s time for you and your sweetie to take a little vacation (Ten Pentacles, and Four of Swords)!

Have a great day!




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