Daily Tarot for April 25, 2014


Greetings everyone! I am so excited! I preordered a fabulous new deck yesterday http://www.tarotofdelphi.com/pre-order/ . Based on the works of the old Masters, and several of the cards are Waterhouse paintings which are my very favorite! Although I love DaVinci, I have a feeling I am going to connect with this deck in a way that I was not able to with my DaVinci Enigma deck!

Today I have gone back to using my Llewellyn Deck, the Major Arcana is based on the Welsh tales, which I find infinitely fascinating. I do love the artwork on this deck.




There are numerous Major Arcana in this reading two of which are “karma” cards which signals that there is old business being settled up. Some of it in this lifetime but it most likely goes back in other lifetimes as well.

In the top row we see the Six of Cups, the Wheel and the Star. There is lots of reminiscing about the “good ‘ol days”, in this reading. You are really beginning to feel the passage of time. There is a lot of emotion surrounding these memories. Hopes and dreams of the past are very much part of your thoughts these days. The big Wheel just keeps on turning and more than feeling nostalgic there is a feeling of entrapment. There is no escaping it my friend, it turns for everyone. The Eight of Swords also reminds you not to let yourself be trapped in the past and to open your eyes to the present.

The Judgement card is at the bottom of all of this. You are closing one chapter of your life to start a new one. Go through your process and be as kind to yourself as possible while you do. Transformation is not easy work but it is rewarding. You are certainly in sync with the greater cycle, like the Sun of a new Spring, you are coming out of your cave and being “reborn” into the light. I pulled an extra card for good measure and it is the Sun, there is no better confirmation of this message.


4 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for April 25, 2014

  1. Lovely reading for the weekend. Thanks.

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