Back into routine tomorrow

Greetings all. Sorry I haven’t been posting this week. I’ve been sick with the crud my kids gifted me. I’m starting to feel somewhat more human today so hopefully I’ll be back into routine tomorrow.

Blessings to you all and hope you are well.




6 thoughts on “Back into routine tomorrow

  1. Then I will draw a card for you. Ah, the Ten of Cups. Looks like health is right around the corner (I’m drawing from my Legacy of the Divine deck, showing a dog and cat in front of a cozy fire).

  2. geekyg1rl says:

    HA! That is so appropriate because that’s all I’ve been doing the last couple of days is hunkering down with my pets and staying home. I was wondering if you received your new deck. It’s wonderful isn’t it? I am hoping tomorrow to introduce yet another deck I’ve had in my cupboard forever.

    • I’ll have to admit that I’ve not been able to get into the deck you’re using now. I like the substance of the images, but the artwork seems so crude that it puts me off. Just me, I suppose.

      • geekyg1rl says:

        That has actually been a criticism of this deck from others I have seen online who have done reviews of it, so you are not alone. I agree. I like the Glastonbury symbolism but the artwork doesn’t speak to me. I used it again today to give it a chance. Again the reading that came up was very deep but I am still having trouble connecting with the artwork.

  3. Melissa Curran says:

    Feel Better – you are missed! 🙂


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