Daily Tarot for April 17, 2014

Greetings all, today we have a reading about having courage in the face of adversity.

In top row we have the Seven of Staffs (Courage), the Six if Staffs (Success) and the Maid of Vesicas (Maids in the Glastonbury tarot have the same meanings as Pages.)


We saw the Seven of Staffs yesterday too, and I discussed it at some length. In more traditional decks, the Seven of Wands is often depicted as a single man standing his ground while facing several adversaries all pointing their staffs in his direction. Have the courage to stand up for yourself or to stand up for what is right. The Six of Staffs keyword in this deck is Success. More than success, however, the Six of Staffs is about esteem and honor. The Maid of Vesicas, which has the same meaning as the Page of Pentacles, is about being practical, dependable and trustworthy.


In the Center row we have the Maid of Chalices who is congruent with the Page of Cups. Be open and let your feelings show even if those feelings include grief, which is what is indicated in the Three of Swords. Traditionally the Three of Swords indicates sadness and despair. If there has been a betrayal of trust as what is indicated with the Three of Swords, the Maid of Chalices indicates that the best way to handle this is with honesty. This is reinforced with the Star which is a symbol of hope and serenity.


Drawing more cards for further clarification, the Five of Chalices indicates that the open honesty of the Maid of Chalices is the way to put this all behind you. This is the way to achieve the Serenity of the Star.  The Keyword for the Five of Chalices is Progression. Sometimes in order to progress on our path we need to walk away from what isn’t working anymore.


The next cards I pulled are the Seven of Chalices (Fantasy), the Seven of Vesicas (Harvest), and the Four of Vesicas (Integrity).  This is an interesting grouping. I’m just going to say this… don’t hold false hope that this is just going to go away. You aren’t going to be able to run away from it, your integrity is on the line.

Good luck!



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