Daily Tarot for April 16, 2014

Today it looks as if we have a reading about a power struggle.


In the top row we have the Ace of Chalices, symbolized by the Blue Bowl, the Two of Swords, and the Two of Staffs. The Ace of Chalices is the card of love. Right beside the Two of Swords, it makes me think of the phrase “love is blind”. Sometimes in the name of love we close our eyes and pretend we don’t see what is happening right in front of us. The Two of Swords is about being caught in the middle and not being able to make a choice or decision so we ignore the problem and hope it will go away. The Two of Staffs however, is about personal power, and the claiming of that power. We can’t claim our power if we are closing our eyes to the situation.


The Five of Staffs in the next row reinforces this message. Traditionally, the Five of Wands is a symbol of struggle, quarreling and disagreements. In the Glastonbury Tarot, the keyword for this card is “Empowerment”. Putting these two interpretations together along with what we have in the top row I’d say for whoever this is, that disagreements and struggles are an opportunity for you to reclaim your personal power.  The Four of Chalices in this deck has the keyword “Emotion”. Emotions might be running high, but it’s also important to pay attention to our emotions because they act as our guidance system. If emotions are high, that is a signal that you need to address the situation and you can’t keep our eyes closed like the fellow in the Two of Swords. Traditionally, the Four of Chalices portrays a person under a tree looking dreamily away while three cups are visible and a fourth is up in the air, or being handed over by a disembodied hand. There are multiple meanings to this card which have relevance to this reading. It can indicate missed opportunities (as in not seeing the fourth cup) , it can mean taking time to contemplate what you need to do, which is good advice, and it can mean being too passive and just letting things happen to you. This particular meaning is in direct opposition to the messages of the Two and the Five of Staffs which are about personal power. When cards of opposing meanings are in close proximity it indicates that this issue is important and in this case, the issue is the balance of Love and Power.

Another theme I see in this reading is that of the Gateway. The Two of Staffs has the keyword “Gateway”, and if you look at the Four of Chalices, the woman is walking through a gateway. Symbolically, the Gateway is a passage to something new. Once you claim your power, you won’t go back to the old way of being, it’s a step on an entirely new pathway. This reinforces again, that idea of viewing this struggle and conflict as an opportunity for growth.


On the bottom we have the Queen of Chalices. When Queens appear they ask you to feel the way they feel. This Queen asks you to be open hearted, loving and intuitive. Given the nature of this reading I’d also say this Queen is about self-love. You can be a loving and gentle person but a Queen also claims her power. Love is not about submitting your will to another, love is about Power With not Power Over.

I hope this helps.




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