Daily Tarot for April 15, 2014

Greetings all!

Today we have a reading that is about having the courage to fulfill your dreams.

In the top row we have the Seven of Chalices. The Ace of Staffs and the Eight of Chalices.


The Seven of Cups (Fantasy) is often an indication of spending time in fantasy. It can mean there are many choices available and it’s going to take some thought to narrow down those choices. The negative side of this card is that sometimes too much time can be spent in dreaming big but not enough time is spent manifesting those dreams and making them a reality. This is what is happening here when I see this card beside the Ace of Staffs. The Ace is about having courage and self-confidence to make those dreams a reality. In the 8 of Chalices (Renewal) you see the road you need to take. Traditionally, the 8 of cups is about leaving something behind in order to make room for something new. Sometimes it is seen as “giving up” on something and the figure seems to be walking off into the distance with a defeated air of hunched shoulders. In this deck we see the positive side of this card which is “Renewal”. The old form is shed to reveal a more colorful and more authentic version of ourselves. This is symbolized in the removal of the mask and the colorful clothes underneath the cloak. Again, with the Ace of Staffs in the center of this row, we see that it’s going to take courage and faith yourself to follow this path and the live this authentic life that you have been dreaming about.


In the middle row we have the Three of Vesicas (Creativity) and the Hierophant who is represented by Joseph of Arimathea, and on the bottom we have the Seven of Staffs (Courage).


I find it interesting in this reading how we have repeating themes. The Ace of Staffs (wands, rods) is also a card that indicates not only what I have discussed above, but is also a symbol of sudden burst of creativity, which is the chosen keyword for the Three of Vesicas in this deck. Traditionally, the Three of Pentacles indicates planning and hard work. The image in this deck is fascinating. This fellow appears to be sitting in front of a tent of some kind, there is a brick wall behind. He is apparently sitting on a log and there is what appears to be a block of cement at his feet… but he has no feet! (My booklet for this deck is still packed somewhere once I find it I’m going to have to look this one up… it’s very odd! I do know that the creator of this deck used friends and family as models for her art. Perhaps this fellow was disabled. ) Anyway, this indicates to me a sense of permanence. Staying put and working hard and not moving until the task is done. In other decks, the Three of Pentacles can also symbolize team work, and pictures what appears to be money changing hands. Sometimes it looks like others are paying the expert for his services. The appearance of the Hierophant beside this card reinforces this idea. Pairing up with someone who knows the job better than you “until you find your feet” is a really good idea.

The bottom card is Seven of Staffs with the keyword “Courage”. Again we have the repetition of a message. The Ace Staffs symbolizes creativity, and it also symbolizes courage and self-confidence. In the case of the Seven of Staffs, it can mean courage in the face of opposition. Traditionally, this card is depicted as one man with a staff, pitted against six foes with staffs.  In this deck we see a man who is apparently throwing staffs into a bonfire with great determination. The light from the fire is illuminating the darkness that surrounds him. In this case, I would say that this is a card about having courage to overcome fears.

Well, an interesting reading with repeated messages and multiple layers!

Have a great day!




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