Daily Tarot for April 14, 2014

Greetings all!

Today I’m going to start exploring a different deck. I’ve had this deck for some time and have meant to become more familiar with it. This is the Glastonbury Tarot by Lisa Tenzin-Dolma. This deck is an interesting mix of modern spirituality and the Arthurian Grail quest. There are some differences between this deck and the traditional tarot. One of those differences is that Pentacles are Vesicas. The vesica piscis is the shape that is created when the edges of two circles interconnect. It is the shape used on the Chalice Well of Glastonbury and it’s considered a symbol of the sacred feminine.


The other difference, is that the creator has substituted Maids for Pages. I believe she did this to bring more balance between the masculine and the feminine energy in the royal suits. The majority of the cards also have keywords written on the bottom. Some of these key words are quite thought-provoking to me as they are not necessarily the keywords I would have chosen to represent those cards. This broadens their meanings somewhat and may give a different meaning than the traditional meaning especially when looking at the spread as a whole. Anyway, let’s begin.





Today we start with the Two of Vesicas (Change), the Knight of Vesicas and the Star. Traditionally, the Two of Pentacles is about balance, but I can certainly see how the keyword, Change can be attributed to it. Balance is precarious, any shift in the way things are will result in change. We can see in the illustration how the character is balanced on one foot seeming to dance while two vesicas float around him. One in a high position and one in a low seeming again to indicate balance and the ever constant shifts we need to make to keep juggling things. The Knight of Vesicas is a well-grounded, stable person, and has to be in order to maintain this constant flow and balance and keep everything moving along seemingly effortlessly. This is echoed again in the Star which often represents serenity. Things have been busy, it’s a constant balancing act but for the most part you’ve been able to remain grounded and stable while hoping (the Star) that soon this crazy busy-ness will come to an end so that you can take a break!

In the middle row we see the World (symbolized by the Pheonix) which is about the completion of a cycle. The Four of Swords indicates that even though you make it all seem so effortless, it’s certainly not and once the cycle is finished, it’s time for a period of rest and recuperation.  (Yes, the end of the school year is approaching! Summer vacation IS coming!)

At the bottom we have the Ace of Staffs which is represented by the Glastonbury Thorn. Traditionally, this is a card about creativity. Sometimes the best way to recoup and relax is to engage in that creative side of yourself that often you are too busy with mundane life to tap into.  If you’ve been keeping the world turning it’s time to take a break and reenergize. Engage in something that inspires you!






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