Daily Tarot for April 10, 2014

Crazy! I shuffled fourteen times (because I read for myself this morning too) and cut six times and we got the same cards on the top row as we had yesterday!


We have the Page of Cups, the Chariot, and the Two of Cups.  It is definitely time to make the move and get this relationship underway.



The Knight of Wands is telling you to be bold and take action. The Nine of Coins symbolizes someone who is accomplished and has refinement and beauty and all the good things in life, but is also alone and has no one to share them with.


NOW at the bottom we have the Lovers card. Does this require any further explanation?



2 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for April 10, 2014

  1. The odds of getting the same top row 2 days consecutively is 1 in 76,000. So it’s clearly NOT random.

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