Daily Tarot for April 7, 2014

Greetings all!

That was a pretty heavy reading we had for the weekend. I hope that for whoever it was that needed that message, that it was helpful.

Today I’m doing a quick three card reading before off and running for the usual Monday Madness.


Today (how appropriate) we once again have the scales of Justice. This card has been showing up a great deal lately. Following Justice, are the Lovers and the Nine of Coins.

In short, decisions, and choices that require weighing the pros and cons and don’t expect any help from anyone else. You’re on your own. The positive side of this is the independence and the confidence you gain from being the one having to make the hard choices. Whatever you decide there is no sense worrying about it afterward. Things just are the way they are and you do what you have to do but not only that you do it with flair! In short, you ROCK!

Have a great day all!




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