Weekend Spread for April 4, 2014

Woah! Looks like a rough weekend ahead! This whole reading looks like it’s about victory at a cost. There is a whole sense of conflict with anger and bitterness. Someone is the winner and someone is the loser and it’s nothing gracious about it.





In the top row we have the Five of Swords, the Three of Swords and Justice. Conflict, hostility, and hurt feelings. Remember that what goes around comes around. If you’re going to put that kind of energy out, you won’t get anything but negative stuff in return.  If you are on the receiving side of what is happening here, you must realize that only you can make things right.

The Six of Wands is a symbol of pride. Like all things especially in Tarot, there is a positive and a negative side. Pride is good when it’s in the form of healthy self-esteem, not so good when it’s paired with the Five of Swords which is more about self-righteousness with an “I’m going to crush you” mentality about it. This Six of Wands is very strategically located in proximity to that Five of Swords and right beside the Five of Coins which is about the lack of pride or self-esteem.

On the bottom we have the Moon. In this reading I’m going to say that the Moon is symbolic of fear and illusion. It’s best to look at the reality of the situation and stop kidding yourself. If things are going to change, you need to make it change because those in power don’t give that up easily and make no mistake, this is a reading about the power of one person over another and their abuse of it.

Drawing another card we have the King of Cups.



The Kings are the active member of the royal family, and cups are the suit of love. The way to deal with the situation is to act in a loving manner. In this case for the person who is on the receiving side of this ugliness you must love yourself and respect yourself. There may also be someone that you know to whom you can turn for some advice. This person can see to the heart of the matter. He or she is caring and diplomatic and will give you the support you need during a time of crisis.

If you are the person who is doling out this mess, the Justice card is there. Remember that you get what you give out. The message of the King of Cups for you is pretty plain. Love trumps power. Take some time to find that side of yourself again. The Moon says it may have been hidden for a time, but it is still there.

In either case, the King of Cups is there to help. Perhaps it’s time to find a counselor.


I hope this helps,




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