Daily Tarot for April 30, 2014

Hm. Interesting and complex reading today. Let’s just dive right in.





In the top row we have the Six of Pentacles (interesting, I had a deep discussion about this very card with someone just last night. I shuffled my usual seven times and cut three before doing this spread…) The Page of Cups and the Five of Swords. The Six of Pentacles is a difficult card to interpret. At it’s very basic level it is about an imbalance of power. Having vs not having, whether that be money, resources, knowledge. It can be about giving and receiving, dominating and submitting. Someone in a position to give what is needed is generous however, this does put them in a position of power. The question then becomes how do they use this power or do they choose to use it at all? The meaning of this card is very often influenced by the surrounding cards. In this case the next card is the Page of Cups. I’d venture to say that this is about the balance of power in a love relationship. Under the Six of Pentacles is the Horned One, the Devil, in traditional decks. This is significant also, and we’ll discuss that later. Anyway, the Page of Cups is symbolic of the beginnings of a new love affair or the rekindling of an old love affair. Beside the Page of Cups is the Five of Swords. The Five of Swords is another card about the balance of power. This card is about conflict, it takes on an “us vs them” mentality and it’s about winning at a cost. It also represents a person who is simply looking out for their own self interest and acting without thinking of others. Putting these cards together I’d say there is a love interest going on but it’s not a healthy situation.

The Horned One, or the Devil in the next row confirms this. This card shows up when we are in the middle of an unhealthy situation. It can also represent patterns of negative behavior. The Five of Pentacles is about rejection and facing hard times.

The Eight of Pentacles at the bottom is about diligence. Working hard at the matter to solve the problem.

Now that I’ve gone over each card let’s put it all together. From this grouping of the Six of Pentacles, the Page of Cups, the Five of Swords and the Devil, it looks like there is a love situation here but a LOT going on under the surface. I don’t think things are as they may seem. The Six of Pentacles and the Five of Swords and the Devil give this reading an air of someone who has power and possibly likes to abuse that power. I get the feeling though that this person passes it off as “look how good I am to you”. In more traditional decks the Devil is pictured holding two people on leashes around their necks while they dance. This person is like that. They like to see you dance. The Five of Pentacles represents the emotional and spiritual barrenness of being involved in this kind of relationship.

For more information I threw down two more cards.


One is the Ace of Swords, which I placed over the Six of Pentacles, the Page of Cups and the Devil. The the other was the Seven of Pentacles and this was placed over the Six of Pentacles and the Devil.


The Seven of Pentacles says you need to examine the situation and take stock. The Ace of Swords says you need to look at this situation logically and not with the rose colored glasses of the Page of Cups. Cut through the illusion to the truth.  The Eight of Pentacles is telling you to work hard at this, be diligent about it.

Not feeling like this reading was quite finished I pulled one more card. This card is the Empress as symbolized by the Goddess Rhiannon.


The story of Rhiannon has an important message for you, you might want to do some research on her.

This is a card about Sovereignty. No one has power over you unless you give it to them.





Daily Tarot for April 29, 2014


I was looking at the reading today and puzzling out the significance of having both the Moon and the Sun show up basically beside each other (though I put them in separate rows) when I recalled that it makes perfect sense for a Solar Eclipse day! Tarot always amazes me!




We have a reading today about saying goodbye. In the top row we have the Eight of Cups, The Ace of Swords and the Moon. The Eight of Cups is one of those cards that has multiple meanings. Often it signifies leaving something when the realization dawns that nothing more can be done to salvage the situation. Feeling drained and weary of it, you may also be feeling a loss of hope. Sometimes is a simple case of realizing that this is the end of a cycle and it’s time to tie up loose ends and walk away. In either case, you feel the need to move on. In the process of moving on we choose to leave some things behind but there is always the search for something new.

This message is reinforced several ways in this reading. First by placement of the Ace of Swords right next to the Eight of Cups. This signals that it’s time to cut through the illusion, seek the truth of the matter or a movement away and leaving things behind to seek deeper meaning. The Moon is a symbol of that illusion, just as the Sun is a symbol of enlightenment and understanding.  We can only gain this enlightenment through the process of transition which we see in the Death card. The Death card is a card about the things in life that are inevitable.  The theme of the Cycle is very strong in this reading. We see it in the Death Card, we see it in the monthly Cycle of the Moon and we see it in the daily Cycle of the passage of the Sun and the Moon.

At the bottom of the reading we have the Five of Cups. See the similarity in the Eight of Cups, which begins our reading and the Five of Cups which ends our reading. Both figures are walking away and leaving things behind which no longer serve them.  The difference between them is that the Five of Cups is also about regret. Perhaps in making this move you realize that you could have handled things differently. In the Five of Cups there are three cups spilled but two remain standing. This fellow is focused so hard on the spilled cups that he doesn’t see the two full cups at his back. During your process of moving on, be reminded that it’s not all a loss, remember some of the good things too.

I hope this helps.




Daily Tarot for April 28, 2014

Greetings all! I hope you had a good weekend!

Today it looks like we have a reading about hearth and home and the marriage partnership. In the top row we have the Knight of Swords followed by the Two of Cups and the Ten of Pentacles.


The two of cups in the center of this top row appears to be the central card of this reading. The Knight on the left represents quick action, he’s not your romantic knight at all, he’s the warrior knight who jumps into the fray and gets things done. On the other side, we have a domestic view.  The two of cups appears to be the balancing point. Things are busy, everybody is working hard, whether you are the knight who gallops out to work in the morning, or the homekeeper who keeps it all running smoothly behind the scenes, remember to meet in the middle and support each other. This is a partnership with both roles being equally important. Lean on each other for strength, listen to each other and be there for each other.


The center row is interesting. We have the Ace of Pentacles and the Six of Pentacles. In both cards we see a hand giving us what we need. The first is a disembodied hand, like the hand of the universe providing us with a gift. The Six of Pentacles is more about a person or institution of authority handing out money, giving loans or providing charity. Whether it’s money or some other necessity,  you will receive the help you need, which makes it possible for you to take a much needed break, reflected in the Four of Swords.


The Ten of Pentacles at the top, sometimes represents an inn or a hotel. In a nutshell…

Things have been super busy and chaotic (Knight of Swords), when that tax refund comes in (Ace and Six of Pentacles), it’s time for you and your sweetie to take a little vacation (Ten Pentacles, and Four of Swords)!

Have a great day!



Daily Tarot for April 25, 2014


Greetings everyone! I am so excited! I preordered a fabulous new deck yesterday http://www.tarotofdelphi.com/pre-order/ . Based on the works of the old Masters, and several of the cards are Waterhouse paintings which are my very favorite! Although I love DaVinci, I have a feeling I am going to connect with this deck in a way that I was not able to with my DaVinci Enigma deck!

Today I have gone back to using my Llewellyn Deck, the Major Arcana is based on the Welsh tales, which I find infinitely fascinating. I do love the artwork on this deck.




There are numerous Major Arcana in this reading two of which are “karma” cards which signals that there is old business being settled up. Some of it in this lifetime but it most likely goes back in other lifetimes as well.

In the top row we see the Six of Cups, the Wheel and the Star. There is lots of reminiscing about the “good ‘ol days”, in this reading. You are really beginning to feel the passage of time. There is a lot of emotion surrounding these memories. Hopes and dreams of the past are very much part of your thoughts these days. The big Wheel just keeps on turning and more than feeling nostalgic there is a feeling of entrapment. There is no escaping it my friend, it turns for everyone. The Eight of Swords also reminds you not to let yourself be trapped in the past and to open your eyes to the present.

The Judgement card is at the bottom of all of this. You are closing one chapter of your life to start a new one. Go through your process and be as kind to yourself as possible while you do. Transformation is not easy work but it is rewarding. You are certainly in sync with the greater cycle, like the Sun of a new Spring, you are coming out of your cave and being “reborn” into the light. I pulled an extra card for good measure and it is the Sun, there is no better confirmation of this message.

Daily Tarot for April 24, 2014

Greetings all! I’m back and feeling human again. Anyone else notice that the older you get, the more a little cold can knock you off your feet?

Anyway, I’m having an interesting Tarot morning. I began thinking I would explore another of my decks which I have had for many years but never used, The Da Vinci Enigma Tarot by Caitlin Matthews. I put the spread down and although I love the art work of the master, I found I just could not connect with the illustrations she chose to represent the cards and she’d changed many names of the Major Arcana without real apparent reason. I decided to go back to further exploration of the Glastonbury Tarot so I packed up the DaVinci cards and spread out the Glastonbury what happened was I ended up with many of the same cards as I had in the first spread!

We have a very strong reading today, lots of Major Arcana and Two Aces. This is an important message for someone. I hope they receive it.




On the top row we have The Devil, The Ace of Staffs, and the Magician. The Devil can represent many things, obsession, attachment, fear, depression, ignorance, hopelessness… in this particular reading because it is adjacent to the Ace of Staffs I’d say this is an issue of having a lack of zest in life, a loss of that creative spark that makes life exciting. This could be related also to a lack of confidence as well. The Magician is a reminder to you that you do indeed have the power to make things happen. This is a reading that has many opposing cards and the Devil along with the Ace of Staffs and the Magician are definitely opposing cards.  What I find interesting about this Devil Card is the symbolism of the spiral. When we spiral within we meet our shadow selves at the center of the spiral and confront our own demons. Most often we find our demons are of our own making. Facing those demons at the center is a transforming experience and once we make our way back out again we emerge more powerful than we were before.

The Wheel of Fortune in the second row signals that you are about to turn this corner. Nothing stays the same forever. What goes up, must come down and visaversa. Things are about to change and the Ace of Vesicas symbolizes new growth and prosperity that will come with this change! The Ace of Staffs and the Ace of Vesicas are both about creativity, one is masculine and the other is feminine.

The High Priestess at the bottom represents this new powerful you that emerges from the underworld that I spoke of above. You have faced your fears, and emerged with greater wisdom and understanding. The Magician and the High Priestess are another set of those opposing cards I mentioned, (again one is masculine and one is feminine).  The Magician is about taking action, while the Priestess is about mystery and the wisdom in patient waiting. The master knows when to do both. The Wheel turns when it turns, there are some things we have no control over, but when the time is right, you will know when to act.

Looking at the placement of the cards is interesting too. See how the masculine cards and the feminine cards are grouped together and separated by the Wheel of Fortune.

It is a precarious balance and one that you struggle with, perhaps making you feel powerless, angry or depressed. I believe the key to all of this is in that Wheel of Fortune. Just remember that things are always in a state of change. There is power in both action and in inaction. Knowing yourself and understanding your own rhythms by making this journey to the center of the spiral is where your empowerment lies.

This is a reading with multiple layers. I will probably think about it for days.



Daily Tarot for April 17, 2014

Greetings all, today we have a reading about having courage in the face of adversity.

In top row we have the Seven of Staffs (Courage), the Six if Staffs (Success) and the Maid of Vesicas (Maids in the Glastonbury tarot have the same meanings as Pages.)


We saw the Seven of Staffs yesterday too, and I discussed it at some length. In more traditional decks, the Seven of Wands is often depicted as a single man standing his ground while facing several adversaries all pointing their staffs in his direction. Have the courage to stand up for yourself or to stand up for what is right. The Six of Staffs keyword in this deck is Success. More than success, however, the Six of Staffs is about esteem and honor. The Maid of Vesicas, which has the same meaning as the Page of Pentacles, is about being practical, dependable and trustworthy.


In the Center row we have the Maid of Chalices who is congruent with the Page of Cups. Be open and let your feelings show even if those feelings include grief, which is what is indicated in the Three of Swords. Traditionally the Three of Swords indicates sadness and despair. If there has been a betrayal of trust as what is indicated with the Three of Swords, the Maid of Chalices indicates that the best way to handle this is with honesty. This is reinforced with the Star which is a symbol of hope and serenity.


Drawing more cards for further clarification, the Five of Chalices indicates that the open honesty of the Maid of Chalices is the way to put this all behind you. This is the way to achieve the Serenity of the Star.  The Keyword for the Five of Chalices is Progression. Sometimes in order to progress on our path we need to walk away from what isn’t working anymore.


The next cards I pulled are the Seven of Chalices (Fantasy), the Seven of Vesicas (Harvest), and the Four of Vesicas (Integrity).  This is an interesting grouping. I’m just going to say this… don’t hold false hope that this is just going to go away. You aren’t going to be able to run away from it, your integrity is on the line.

Good luck!