Daily Tarot for March 27, 2014

Greetings all!

Today we have a reading with a promise of hope!


In the top row we see the Eight of Cups, the Four of Coins and the Queen of Swords. The Eight of Cups is the decision to walk away from the situation. The Four of Coins is an indication of selfishness, or control issues, or wanting to hang on, or greed. The Queen of Swords is someone who has “seen it all”, she’s wise because of her experience. She is sharp and independent because her experiences have made her so. This row looks like she’s left a bad situation but is wiser for it.


The middle row we have the Five of Cups and the Ten of Coins.  There were losses in this choice to leave, both emotionally and financially. The Ten of Coins is more than money though, it’s about stability and security. Leaving this relationship is a loss of all that has been built in that regard.


At the bottom we have the Five of Wands. It looks to me like there are continuous quarrels over the assets.

Choosing more cards, there is advice to go with this situation:


The Page of Cups, try to deal with this situation with an open heart. It’s time to make amends by making a kind gesture. This will open up communication (Eight of Wands),


and result in more options. (Seven of Cups.)


I hope this helps.




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