Weekend Spread for March 21, 2014


Just look at all those major arcana!





BIG changes! Possibly still residual from what has been going on all week.

Success has started you upon a whole new beginning, a whole new path. It won’t be easy though. It will take a great deal of inner strength. The Tower and the Empress together indicate that this whole new reconstructioning and tearing down of all the old ways of thinking, being and doing will result in giving birth to something completely new.

The Hermit is there to say you need to take the time now to go within, contemplate what has happened and fully integrate it into your being.

Pulling an extra card for good measure, we got yet ANOTHER major arcana, Judgement.


Once you emerge from the cave of the Hermit you will feel reborn! This will be your opportunity to make a fresh new beginning. Leave it all behind and start anew! How appropriate for Spring Equinox!


Good luck with all of that, whoever you are!



7 thoughts on “Weekend Spread for March 21, 2014

  1. The chances of drawing 6 out of 6 Major Arcana is 3 out of 10,000. 7 of 7 is 6 in 100,000. What a rare weekend. AND . . . The Fool has been booted upstairs, to be replaced by the Hermit.

    Wicked and rare.

    • geekyg1rl says:

      I know! It’s quite incredible isn’t it? I shuffle very well too. My routine is to shuffle like I would a regular deck of cards, seven times, then I cut into three piles and replace them. The odds are really amazing that they would show up in this way!

  2. pearle3 says:

    Last week I was wondering if I will be able to send my son to college in the fall as I am not as yet receiving support. I contacted my lawyer after the post saying I may need to. The next day as per the next post I got a reply that his laywer says it is coming forthwith. I left my marriage, city of residence, transferred work, am now supporting myself and exploring the tree of life. Were there readings specific to me? It seems so. How worried should I be about this number of majors in I reading? Anyway thank you sincerely as judgement indicates a whole new start.

    • geekyg1rl says:

      Hi Kathryn,
      Thanks for writing on my blog. It sure seems to be about your situation doesn’t it? I pulled a few cards for you. They are the Tower, the Hermit and Temperance. Again, all major Arcana. When so many Major Arcana show up it means that major life events are occurring. In this grouping, it just confirms everything we’ve already seen. You’ve had a big shake up, everything you’ve ever known has changed. The Hermit says take some time to yourself and the Temperance card reinforces that. Be kind to yourself, take things slowly, restore some sense of balance to your life.

      Blessings and best of luck to you!


  3. pearle3 says:

    Oh and I now have a Romance slowly blooming.

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