Daily Tarot March 19, 2014

Greetings all!

It looks like the sneakiness, and shirking of one’s duties of the last few days is coming to a head today. Accountability is at hand!




In the top row. we have the Seven of Swords we saw yesterday, the Chariot, and the Four of Pentacles we saw on Monday.  This tells me some authority is stepping in to take the reins. The situation is going to change weather this person likes it or not and that Four of Pentacles beside the Chariot says NOT. There will be resistance all right. He’s not going to give it up easily!

In the next row we have Judgement and Strength, and on the bottom there is the Knight of Swords. There will be a day of reckoning! Stay strong! The Knight of Swords make me wonder if now the police authorities are involved.

Pulling a few extra cards there is the Four of Wands, the Page of Swords again, the Four of Swords, the Six of Coins, the two of coins and the World.



There will be something to celebrate! Finally breaking free of the situation and releasing the tension, take a rest for a while. The Six shows that the money for that little page is finally on its way! You’ll have those “two coins to rub together”. It’s been a long road, but it all will be well!


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