Daily Tarot March 18, 2014


Greetings all! Interesting cards today! We have the Page of Swords and the Six of Coins like we saw yesterday but I’m not totally convinced that it’s a continuation of the same situation.March181

In the top row, we see the Page of Swords, Faith (traditionally the Hierophant) and Death. The Hierophant often represents experts of some kind, teachers, mentors, or doctors for example. The Death card of course represents transition, endings and new beginnings.


In the second row we see the Six of Coins. Yesterday because of the surrounding cards it had the feeling of power over another, today it feels more like help is being offered. The Hanging Man beside it represents sacrifices that need to be made. This card asks you what you need to give up or let go of in order to move forward. Perhaps you will need to pay someone for their help in the situation? Or perhaps the cost is something else that is dear. Regardless, of whether it’s money or time or attention or giving up of something else, a partnership is created. And this is what we see in the Two of Cups.


Just for some clarification regarding the Death Card in the top row I pulled another card which is the Seven of Swords. Someone is not being completely honest or shirking their responsibilities.


I see a couple of possibilities in this reading.

  1. Our friend of yesterday is employing help in order to extract child support from a dead beat parent.
  2. There is a student in trouble at school, probably because he’s been shirking his work and it’s time to get help. The best bet here is to team up with the teachers, don’t pay them off for passing marks! LOL! (There is a definite feeling of shady behavior in these cards! Teachers, money changing hands, professionals being hired, sneakiness, partnerships, death card… might be an episode of Breaking Bad.)

4 thoughts on “Daily Tarot March 18, 2014

  1. I really like the artistic similarity between the Knights–empty helmets–and Death. A skull, but an empty helmet of sorts, and underneath . . . a knight. Is the artist merely making an artistic connection, or is there a subconscious meaning connection as well?

    • geekyg1rl says:

      I don’t know. It is intriguing though. You might be able to track down the creator of the deck and ask. I wrote to the creator of the llewlyn deck and she answered me!

  2. What is the name of this deck again? I’m ordering my own today.

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