Daily Tarot March 17, 2014


Greetings all! Holiday over, time to get back into the old routine!

Today we seem to have a situation over money.

Ribbet collagemar171

First we see the Knight of Pentacles, who is an upstanding, dependable, honest and reliable fellow. He has a tendency to work hard sometimes to the point of working too hard. Next to him we see the Nine of Swords which indicates that something is bothering this fellow. Worry, anxiety, perhaps not sleeping. The situation seems to have something to do with the exchange of money that we see in the Six of Coins.

Often the six of coins indicates lending or borrowing. On one hand it can be that perhaps someone has reached a point in their lives that they are financially settled enough that they can afford to help out others. All of the cards however are balanced and the negative side to this card is the inequality that is inherent in the situation. Someone is in a position of power and someone is in a position of need. When money is lent the borrower is beholden to the lender and the lender has a certain amount of power over the borrower.

For this very practical, proud Knight to have to borrow money this can be a cause for him or her to worry. They really don’t want to be in the position of “owing” someone. Or perhaps it’s a matter of letting go of pride to have to go and ask for it?

Ribbet collagemar172

The Four of wands and the King of Swords followed by the Emperor together tells me that this is a matter of trying to free oneself from an oppressive situation. I also threw down a Four of Coins and a Page of Swords and then an Ace of Swords and a Two of Wands.

Ribbet collagemar173

Someone is being selfish and stingy with the money. With the Page there, it makes me wonder if this is about child support. If this is about child support, the Two of Wands is about claiming your personal power.


In order to get the Justice we see in the Ace of Swords, you will need to visit the King, and the Emperor ie… get a lawyer and go to court.

I hope this helps!




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