Daily Tarot for March 31, 2014


Greetings all. We certainly are getting a number of major Arcana cards of late! Today I’m only choosing three as I feel we’ve gotten enough information from them to go forward, those are the Star, Justice, and the Magician.



I find it interesting that the cards Justice and Judgement and Temperance have come up very frequently of late. This tells me that we are working very hard on keeping things in balance. The Star on the left is an indication of patience and hopefulness. The Magician reminds us that we have more control over the situation that perhaps we think. The trick here is that action must be taken and when you decide to make your move do it consciously. Think it over carefully then put your full power behind it. Justice must be served and things must be put back to rights. Just remember that you do have a forceful and powerful presence and not to abuse that power. Make your choices carefully.


Blessings all!



Daily Tarot for March 27, 2014

Greetings all!

Today we have a reading with a promise of hope!


In the top row we see the Eight of Cups, the Four of Coins and the Queen of Swords. The Eight of Cups is the decision to walk away from the situation. The Four of Coins is an indication of selfishness, or control issues, or wanting to hang on, or greed. The Queen of Swords is someone who has “seen it all”, she’s wise because of her experience. She is sharp and independent because her experiences have made her so. This row looks like she’s left a bad situation but is wiser for it.


The middle row we have the Five of Cups and the Ten of Coins.  There were losses in this choice to leave, both emotionally and financially. The Ten of Coins is more than money though, it’s about stability and security. Leaving this relationship is a loss of all that has been built in that regard.


At the bottom we have the Five of Wands. It looks to me like there are continuous quarrels over the assets.

Choosing more cards, there is advice to go with this situation:


The Page of Cups, try to deal with this situation with an open heart. It’s time to make amends by making a kind gesture. This will open up communication (Eight of Wands),


and result in more options. (Seven of Cups.)


I hope this helps.



Daily Tarot March 26, 2014

Wow, we have yet another very heavy and complicated reading today. Many of the same cards are popping up again.




On the top we have Strength, Justice and the Three of Wands. Be patient while making or awaiting a decision to be made. Your ship will come in!

The middle row we have the Sun and the Empress, but on the bottom we have The Devil. The Sun and the Empress seem to suggest all good things, rebirth, joy, happiness, and abundance!  But down at the bottom is an opposing card. The Devil who traditionally represents attachment, hopelessness, and lack of joy.

There are two opposing energies at work in this reading that demonstrate the importance of this issue of joy and abundance on one side of the scale and fear and restriction on the other. If we refer back to the top line we can see how it is taking great strength to balance this dichotomy (strength and justice) while awaiting this grand new adventure that is demonstrated in the three of wands.

I really feel that patience is the key here. Wait, breathe, take some time just for yourself to process it all while things work themselves out.


(Pulled the Hermit card which reinforces this.) It’s going to take some time for you to absorb everything that has happened and for things to settle down. What you want to do is just rush out there and get it all going but what you NEED to do is stay at home and relax!

Daily Tarot for March 25, 2014

Greetings all!


Looks like today we have a reading about tax season.




In the top row we have the King of Coins, the Six of Coins and Death. Time to pay the man and there is nothing certain in this life except death and taxes! LOL!

In the middle row we have the hard working master of the Three of Coins, and the burdens of the Ten of Wands.

On the bottom we have the Seven of Coins, the woman who takes an assessment of her harvest. The summation of her work for the year.

Pretty self-explanatory isn’t it?

Get those taxes finished and in!



Daily Tarot for March 24, 2014

Greetings all!

Got a busy day ahead so I’m only picking three cards for us to take a look at today.


Those are the Three of Cups, the Ace of Swords and the Three of Wands.

It looks like we have something to celebrate today! The Ace of Swords between two threes! Fortitude, clarity and obstacles have been overcome! The three of Cups is often a celebration held with a small group of friends. Perhaps going out for drinks after work tonight? A toast is definitely in order! This victory is only the beginning of a whole new adventure! Maybe you got a promotion? The three of wand often indicates a leadership role as well as a new adventure. Whatever it is, congratulations! You did it!

Weekend Spread for March 21, 2014


Just look at all those major arcana!





BIG changes! Possibly still residual from what has been going on all week.

Success has started you upon a whole new beginning, a whole new path. It won’t be easy though. It will take a great deal of inner strength. The Tower and the Empress together indicate that this whole new reconstructioning and tearing down of all the old ways of thinking, being and doing will result in giving birth to something completely new.

The Hermit is there to say you need to take the time now to go within, contemplate what has happened and fully integrate it into your being.

Pulling an extra card for good measure, we got yet ANOTHER major arcana, Judgement.


Once you emerge from the cave of the Hermit you will feel reborn! This will be your opportunity to make a fresh new beginning. Leave it all behind and start anew! How appropriate for Spring Equinox!


Good luck with all of that, whoever you are!


Daily Tarot March 20, 2014

Greetings all!

Our reading today is a reminder that we create our own reality.

We begin with the Magician, the Ten of Swords and the King of Swords.


The Nine of Swords in the center is the key to this reading. Someone out there is torturing themselves. Worry, doubt, or perseverating over some issue, going over and over and over it. The thing about this card is to keep in mind that it’s exaggerated. It’s over the top. You might feel like perhaps you are being persecuted over something but you need to remind yourself that ¾ of this is in your own head. You might ask yourself how much of the situation is just drama!

The Magician reminds you that you are the creator of your own world. Your choices should be made consciously as so should your thoughts. Yes, believe it or not, you can control them! Your mind is your tool, not the other way around. The King of the other side tells you to be realistic and clear headed. Act in a rational, truthful, honest and practical way. Cut through the crap.


The next line we have the Page of Wands and the Nine of Coins. Pages often represent news, or messages. They are the Aces of the royal family. The Page of Wands tells you to be creative, or that a new creative solution will become available. The Nine of Coins is about self reliance. You might find this is something you need to deal with on your own and you can be successful at it too. This is the message of the Fool, have faith in yourself! Once the situation is dealt with there will be a whole new beginning!