Weekend Spread for February 28, 2014




Good morning all!  Today our reading looks like it’s about overcoming fear. With Strength of Will on one side of the Moon and the Ten of Wands on the other, this is an indication that it’s been a struggle to face fears, or to leave the illusions behind to face reality.

The Wheel in the middle row is a reminder that change is ever constant. What goes up, must come down and visa versa. Things are finally turning around. The advice in this reading is found in the Four of Cups and the Fool. You need to take some time to contemplate your next move. There is a new path ahead of you but you need to look before you leap. The Wheel may also be an indication that you wish to take a risk but that Four of Cups is reminding you to think about it first. The Moon in the top row may also be a warning that there are things about the situation that you don’t know yet.


Pulling an extra card for information, it is the Seven of Coins, which we’ve seen a lot of lately. Take stock of the situation before you make your move. Plan carefully because what you sow now you will reap later.




One thought on “Weekend Spread for February 28, 2014

  1. That Ten of Wands is a stunning card compared to traditional decks.

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