Daily Tarot for February 25, 2014

 Ribbet collagefeb252014

Ribbet collagefeb2520142



Greetings everyone!

Today we have a reading that is about partnership. We begin with the Seven of Coins. In this card, we are approaching harvest, we are assessing the culmination of our hard work. It is this point where we stand back and take an assessment of where we are, and the choices we have made. While we reap the rewards and maybe the consequences of those choices, we are also already beginning to integrate what we have learned and to plan ahead.

In the Three of Coins, we see the master at work. We are no longer the fresh young upstarts, we have all that experience under our belts to help us make those decisions, and we are prepared for the work we have ahead. I find it interesting that often in traditional decks this card depicts three business men making plans. Often the three of coins indicates partnerships, and the Two of Cups, which is the next card, often does too. These two cards together, along with the Ace of Cups in the next row, indicate to me that this is a marriage or a long term relationship. A couple looking back at where they have been and where they are going. The Judgement card along with that Seven of Coins at the top indicates that they are making an honest appraisal of their relationship and their time together. The Judgement card also indicates a feeling of absolution and renewal. There is a decision to make a fresh start.

The Ace of Cups is there to indicate there is great love and the Ace at the bottom stands for moving forward in trust and security. There is a solid foundation to work from.

Take stock, atone for your mistakes, and forgive past wrongs. Together you have worked hard to build a life of prosperity.





3 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for February 25, 2014

  1. A pair of Aces is a good place to be . . . and to draw to.

  2. heavenlyguidance says:

    I just nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award here:http://heavenlyguidance.wordpress.com/2014/02/25/liebster-blog-award-nomination/

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