Daily Tarot for February 24, 2014


 Ribbet collagefeb241

Ribbet collagefeb242



Greetings all!

Today we have someone who is feeling a sense of accomplishment and enjoying the accolades that come with it! The Page of Cups is there to tell you to feel that joy in the moment! This is going to take you on a whole new adventure (as we see in the Three of Wands).


The Six of Cups is about joy and goodwill, the kind that is experienced in childhood, then right beside it is the Fool who stands for New Beginnings.


At the bottom of this is the Nine of Coins. This is a card about refinement and enjoying the fruits of one’s labor. Someone who has made the sacrifices but with determination, she understands that the rewards are worth it.

The sense of joy, innocence, childhood, new ventures puts me in mind of the birth of a child. Often the Six of Cups can represent the birth of a new baby. Combine this with the Page of Cups who can also represent a young child, and the Three of Wands and the Fool who both represent new adventures, and new journeys, it looks like it’s time to welcome a new soul into the world! (I also think I know EXACTLY who this is! I’ll be waiting on news!)



2 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for February 24, 2014

  1. Are the smaller cards on the Fool identifiable?

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