Weekend Spread for February 21, 2014




I shuffled! I swear! LOL!

The top row of today’s reading is almost exactly the same as yesterday only the cards are in different positions. Today I’m feeling like those dreams of yesterday are a little more confused and maybe not so clear. Like the Moon, we go through phases, and sometimes as we change and grow we look to the past and remember the good old days. This is a highly emotional time as indicated by the Ace of Cups.

We have seen The Moon, The Star and the Hanging Man appear frequently in the last little while, Hopes and Fears and Sacrifice seem to be the thread through many of these readings.

The Four of Wands is a card about accomplishment and celebration. In order to accomplish what we want, there are going to be some self-sacrifices involved. Unfortunately these sacrifices can result in a feeling of deprivation as indicated in the Five of Coins. Unfortunately sometimes we just can’t have it all.

Have a blessed weekend!



One thought on “Weekend Spread for February 21, 2014

  1. But I WANT it all!
    Oh, well.

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