Daily Tarot for February 20, 2014




Good morning all! Today we have a very pleasant reading! This is so different than the last few readings we’ve had!

Looking at the top row, we have the Six of Cups, the Ace of Cups and the Moon. Often the Moon is related to confusion and fear, but in this case, being beside these very strong cups I’m going to say that this is more about Love and Joy helping you to face and overcome your fears. The Six of Cups is often a card that indicates the joyful innocence and exuberance that we often experience as children. Sometimes it is about remembering those good times and reflecting on the joy they brought us. The Ace of Cups is more about the Love we feel in the present.  It is about trusting your intuition, and letting your heart lead the way.  It is interesting too, that the Moon can sometimes indicate dreams and fantasies. This echo’s the Six of Cups in a way.

Looking at the middle row, we see the Ten of Coins and The World. This person is dreaming big! The Star at the bottom of the spread indicates that this person feels inspired and hopes that those dreams will bring them wealth, security, accomplishment and fulfillment.

The World also indicates the finishing of a cycle. This has the feeling of “graduation” about it, coming to the end of something after having accomplished so much and yet dreaming and looking forward to the future.

Whoever you are, best of luck to you!



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