Daily Tarot for February 19, 2014




Greetings everyone! First I want to extend my thanks to my friend Rusty who showed me a scrapbook program that solved my problem with the photos! Now I am able to show the entire layout and I’m very excited about that!

Today it seems we are going back to the issue we saw on Monday regarding the person who wishes to break off from the group and be the “lone wolf”. The Three of Cups in more traditional decks shows three people toasting in a festive manner. It often represents community and friendship. It seems there has been a falling out, which is demonstrated in the Five of Swords that has resulted in breaking off from the group. On Monday we had the Seven of Swords which felt just a little angry and bitter. Today we have the Hermit and in the second row we have the Page of Swords and the Death Card. This tells me that some of the bitterness has moved aside for a realization that perhaps it’s time to face the truth and understand that this is a natural transition. The crossed swords in the Page echoes the conflict that has occurred, but pages also represent new growth, and this page is about learning new things. The Death card reminds us that change is natural. People change, communities change, and situations change. We are always in a state of flux. This person is in the process of a life transition that is inevitable. All things must come to an end.

The Temperance card reinforces the fact that there is really no need for bitterness and anger about this very natural flow.

I hope this has helped.




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