Daily Tarot February 18, 2014












Holy Cow!

There is REALLY something going on with our Queen of Coins! This is the third reading in a row that she has appeared! And just LOOK at all of those major arcana! This means big stuff is going on. She is going through one MAJOR transition.

Today I am trying to lay out the cards as I have drawn them. Often it is important to have an overall look at the spread rather than just going on a card by card basis . This is a little bit difficult to do in WordPress as it really won’t let me align them properly in the center.

Anyway we have an upper line grouping of ALL major arcana. The Star, The Tower and the Moon, then we have Two of Swords and Justice in the center and at the apex of the matter again, we have the Queen of Coins.

The Star and the Tower are opposing cards. The Star is about serenity and hope, while The Tower is about upheaval and crisis and chaos.  Seeing these two cards together with The Moon on the other side suggests hopes are being dashed and there is a distinct feeling of helplessness, and confusion and maybe even fear about the whole situation. Now something interesting here is the Two of Swords and the Justice Cards both are blind. The two of Swords indicates perhaps an unwillingness to acknowledge these sudden chaotic changes. Looking the other way and ignoring the situation isn’t going to make it better. Justice says you must make a decision even though the Two of Swords indicates that you feel not only lost (as indicated by the Moon) but also stuck. You must open your eyes! There is no point deceiving yourself, you must take responsibility you cannot shirk your duty!

Queens in a reading tell us to think and feel as they think and feel and do as they do. The Queen of Coins is practical and grounded.  She is telling you that it’s time to be sensible.

Blessings all, and I hope this reading has helped if you are the one it is meant for!



4 thoughts on “Daily Tarot February 18, 2014

  1. OK, I’m convinced. I’m ready to meet a real-life Queen of Coins.

  2. I feel like this reading is screaming at me. I am exhausted, helpless and stuck. If it seems like whining, my apologies – I’m simply speaking the facts that are obvious. My eyes are open to the incredible chaos that is my life right now and I have made a decision; matter of fact I made the decision several months ago to reach for my dreams with all my might. Unfortunately, it takes money to make your dreams come true and that’s not something I have. Obviously, these cards are telling me it’s time to give up my dream and settle for simply surviving.
    You are spot on with this reading. I subscribe to your emails to understand information about the tarot cards. Thanks for this explanation.
    Oh – and websites and techy email stuff is hard for the uninitiated – your emails and website look great.

    • geekyg1rl says:

      I am sorry to hear about your troubles. I just finished having a conversation with a friend about how doing what we love can be incongruous to doing what we need to do to bring home the bacon. Sucks. That’s why I don’t read tarot for a living. At least doing it this way i am still doing what I love. I hope you find an outlet for your creativity.

      Blessing to you

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