Weekend Spread for February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines everyone! Sorry this is late, busy day!

We have an appropriate reading for Valentine’s Day indeed! First we begin with taking a break from our usual routine or business of life to focus on developing that side of ourselves that is loving, gentle and nurturing, as we see in the Four of Swords and the Queen of Cups.



Let’s use this day to take time to enjoy those finer things in life that we strive so hard to obtain, and we hope, as we see  in the Star, that if we open up to this loving side of ourselves we can attract that mate to share those finer things with! If you are fortunate to already have that mate, we hope that by taking this break to focus on our softer nature we hope to strengthen that relationship.




Doing this will bring us prosperity and fullness in our lives that we see  in the nature of the Queen of Coins



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