Daily Tarot for February 13, 2014

So today, the day before Valentines we have a reading that is romantic in nature, but it’s not happy. It’s actually rather dark.

We begin with the Two of Cups, which is the card representing attraction and relationships.


The next card is the Three of Swords which indicates separation, heart break, loneliness and sometimes betrayal. With the Two of Cups and the Three of Swords right next to each other, it’s pretty obvious that this relationship is causing some pain. 3-swordsleg

What is disturbing now is that the next card is the Five of Swords.


The Five of Swords is a card about a victory, but it is victory that is at someone’s expense and the one who is victorious is not gracious about it. In fact it’s about power and lording it over another. These cards give me the feeling that one person is yearning for another and the other is reveling in it. Over the Two of Cups and the Three of Swords I have pulled another card and it is The Moon.


Yup, she is “Mooning” over him! The Moon card holds a warning, there is a dark side, which indicates hidden things. Things are shadowy, it’s hard to see clearly, and it is certainly hard to see clearly when one’s emotions are high. The Moon is also indicative of course of mental imbalance. Again, this person isn’t thinking straight, and for women, The Moon indicates feminine issues. This woman is not thinking with her head, she’s thinking with her hormones, and you know what? This guy is LOVING it! It’s a total ego boost for him to watch her dance! I see this in the next card I pulled and placed it over the Three of Swords and the Five of Swords. This is the Five of Wands which is the other card in the deck about victory. He’s feeling quite full of himself!


The next card is Nine of Wands. The Nine of Wands is about defending yourself even though you are on your last leg. It’s exhausting and it’s hard and you think you can’t do it but you must find that strength within to persevere.


If you can do this, whoever you are, you become the High Priestess. You enter the underworld, defeat your demons, and become the wiser for it!


Blessings to you dear one, you can handle this. Find that strength within, it’s there!



2 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for February 13, 2014

  1. The Two of Hearts and the Three of Swords are the two cards that came up in Arnie’s last reading in Return from Avalon (and Points West) that portended so much relationship turmoil. Life imitating art?

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