Daily Tarot for February 11, 2014

Daily Tarot February 11, 2014


It’s good to be back in SOME kind of routine! I even found my coffee maker and am having my first cup of coffee in days! Mm good!

Today looks like a day for reminiscing. It looks like perhaps we are in the process of celebrating new things but at the same time, we remember days gone by with a deep sense of sentimentality.

The Knight of Cups is an emotional fellow who is in touch with his deepest feelings. He is introspective and sensitive.  If you are not usually a person who is comfortable exploring your emotional side, this knight is here to tell you that perhaps it is time to recognize your softer side.


The Six of Cups is a card that can hold many interpretations and you really need to look at the surrounding cards to gleen its current meaning. It is often associated with the joy and innocence as it presents itself in childhood. It is a feeling of contentment and bliss. It also indicates a feeling of nostalgia, and remembering those good old days when we felt free and trusted the world.


The Four of Wands is a card of celebration. It is recognizing a milestone and celebrating an event that symbolizes the beginning of new adventures ahead.


Today is about both looking back where you have been, and looking ahead to good things to come! It’s about acknowledging what has passed and recognizing that you would not be where you are today without all of those experiences behind you. There is a bitter sweetness in the air as you celebrate your good fortune and look ahead.

It sounds like it’s time for a toast!


Blessings all!



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