Weekend Spread for February 28, 2014




Good morning all!  Today our reading looks like it’s about overcoming fear. With Strength of Will on one side of the Moon and the Ten of Wands on the other, this is an indication that it’s been a struggle to face fears, or to leave the illusions behind to face reality.

The Wheel in the middle row is a reminder that change is ever constant. What goes up, must come down and visa versa. Things are finally turning around. The advice in this reading is found in the Four of Cups and the Fool. You need to take some time to contemplate your next move. There is a new path ahead of you but you need to look before you leap. The Wheel may also be an indication that you wish to take a risk but that Four of Cups is reminding you to think about it first. The Moon in the top row may also be a warning that there are things about the situation that you don’t know yet.


Pulling an extra card for information, it is the Seven of Coins, which we’ve seen a lot of lately. Take stock of the situation before you make your move. Plan carefully because what you sow now you will reap later.




Daily Tarot for February 27, 2014

Greetings all! I took a mini vacation yesterday but I’m back in routine today.

Ribbet collagefeb272014

Ribbet collageFeb2720142


Today it looks like we have a reading for a student. It’s pretty straightforward. You need the money to continue your studies (Six of Coins) so you visit the Emperor (dad, or the banker). In order to accomplish your goals (The World) you will need to isolate yourself and study (The Hermit and the Eight of Coins). No partying until AFTER you’ve done your work and achieved your success! (Three of Cups).

Good luck!


Daily Tarot for February 25, 2014

 Ribbet collagefeb252014

Ribbet collagefeb2520142



Greetings everyone!

Today we have a reading that is about partnership. We begin with the Seven of Coins. In this card, we are approaching harvest, we are assessing the culmination of our hard work. It is this point where we stand back and take an assessment of where we are, and the choices we have made. While we reap the rewards and maybe the consequences of those choices, we are also already beginning to integrate what we have learned and to plan ahead.

In the Three of Coins, we see the master at work. We are no longer the fresh young upstarts, we have all that experience under our belts to help us make those decisions, and we are prepared for the work we have ahead. I find it interesting that often in traditional decks this card depicts three business men making plans. Often the three of coins indicates partnerships, and the Two of Cups, which is the next card, often does too. These two cards together, along with the Ace of Cups in the next row, indicate to me that this is a marriage or a long term relationship. A couple looking back at where they have been and where they are going. The Judgement card along with that Seven of Coins at the top indicates that they are making an honest appraisal of their relationship and their time together. The Judgement card also indicates a feeling of absolution and renewal. There is a decision to make a fresh start.

The Ace of Cups is there to indicate there is great love and the Ace at the bottom stands for moving forward in trust and security. There is a solid foundation to work from.

Take stock, atone for your mistakes, and forgive past wrongs. Together you have worked hard to build a life of prosperity.




Daily Tarot for February 24, 2014


 Ribbet collagefeb241

Ribbet collagefeb242



Greetings all!

Today we have someone who is feeling a sense of accomplishment and enjoying the accolades that come with it! The Page of Cups is there to tell you to feel that joy in the moment! This is going to take you on a whole new adventure (as we see in the Three of Wands).


The Six of Cups is about joy and goodwill, the kind that is experienced in childhood, then right beside it is the Fool who stands for New Beginnings.


At the bottom of this is the Nine of Coins. This is a card about refinement and enjoying the fruits of one’s labor. Someone who has made the sacrifices but with determination, she understands that the rewards are worth it.

The sense of joy, innocence, childhood, new ventures puts me in mind of the birth of a child. Often the Six of Cups can represent the birth of a new baby. Combine this with the Page of Cups who can also represent a young child, and the Three of Wands and the Fool who both represent new adventures, and new journeys, it looks like it’s time to welcome a new soul into the world! (I also think I know EXACTLY who this is! I’ll be waiting on news!)


Weekend Spread for February 21, 2014




I shuffled! I swear! LOL!

The top row of today’s reading is almost exactly the same as yesterday only the cards are in different positions. Today I’m feeling like those dreams of yesterday are a little more confused and maybe not so clear. Like the Moon, we go through phases, and sometimes as we change and grow we look to the past and remember the good old days. This is a highly emotional time as indicated by the Ace of Cups.

We have seen The Moon, The Star and the Hanging Man appear frequently in the last little while, Hopes and Fears and Sacrifice seem to be the thread through many of these readings.

The Four of Wands is a card about accomplishment and celebration. In order to accomplish what we want, there are going to be some self-sacrifices involved. Unfortunately these sacrifices can result in a feeling of deprivation as indicated in the Five of Coins. Unfortunately sometimes we just can’t have it all.

Have a blessed weekend!


Daily Tarot for February 20, 2014




Good morning all! Today we have a very pleasant reading! This is so different than the last few readings we’ve had!

Looking at the top row, we have the Six of Cups, the Ace of Cups and the Moon. Often the Moon is related to confusion and fear, but in this case, being beside these very strong cups I’m going to say that this is more about Love and Joy helping you to face and overcome your fears. The Six of Cups is often a card that indicates the joyful innocence and exuberance that we often experience as children. Sometimes it is about remembering those good times and reflecting on the joy they brought us. The Ace of Cups is more about the Love we feel in the present.  It is about trusting your intuition, and letting your heart lead the way.  It is interesting too, that the Moon can sometimes indicate dreams and fantasies. This echo’s the Six of Cups in a way.

Looking at the middle row, we see the Ten of Coins and The World. This person is dreaming big! The Star at the bottom of the spread indicates that this person feels inspired and hopes that those dreams will bring them wealth, security, accomplishment and fulfillment.

The World also indicates the finishing of a cycle. This has the feeling of “graduation” about it, coming to the end of something after having accomplished so much and yet dreaming and looking forward to the future.

Whoever you are, best of luck to you!


Daily Tarot for February 19, 2014




Greetings everyone! First I want to extend my thanks to my friend Rusty who showed me a scrapbook program that solved my problem with the photos! Now I am able to show the entire layout and I’m very excited about that!

Today it seems we are going back to the issue we saw on Monday regarding the person who wishes to break off from the group and be the “lone wolf”. The Three of Cups in more traditional decks shows three people toasting in a festive manner. It often represents community and friendship. It seems there has been a falling out, which is demonstrated in the Five of Swords that has resulted in breaking off from the group. On Monday we had the Seven of Swords which felt just a little angry and bitter. Today we have the Hermit and in the second row we have the Page of Swords and the Death Card. This tells me that some of the bitterness has moved aside for a realization that perhaps it’s time to face the truth and understand that this is a natural transition. The crossed swords in the Page echoes the conflict that has occurred, but pages also represent new growth, and this page is about learning new things. The Death card reminds us that change is natural. People change, communities change, and situations change. We are always in a state of flux. This person is in the process of a life transition that is inevitable. All things must come to an end.

The Temperance card reinforces the fact that there is really no need for bitterness and anger about this very natural flow.

I hope this has helped.