January 23, 2014

Good things today, along with some good advice!

We begin with the Ace of Cups, deep feelings, intimacy, and general all round loving energy at work!


Next we have the King of Cups, when kings show up in a reading they take an active role, advising you to act the way they would act. This king is all about diplomacy. He responds to a crisis with wisdom and compassion. These cards together advise tolerance and to face whatever difficulties are occurring with an open heart and an open mind.


The next card we have is the Nine of Coins. Often the Nine of Coins signifies that goals have been achieved after sacrifices and hard work. Rewards are being reaped. The Nine of Coins is also a card about patience, discipline and self-control in order to achieve a goal. The woman on the card enjoys the finer things in life because she has learned the power of self-discipline. She has confidence in her own abilities and that has led to a comfortable life.


The first two cards deal with the emotions, coupled with the King and the earthiness of the suit of coins (pentacles), the advice here is to be aware and in touch of with the emotion of the Ace of Cups but harness it and ground it. Whatever issues come up today, listen with an open heart, trust in your own abilities, stay calm, act with kindness, and compassion and be diplomatic.




2 thoughts on “January 23, 2014

  1. Cool seahorses. Can you tell what the bird is?

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