Daily Tarot January 22, 2014

Greeting all! We have an interesting reading today.


We begin with the 6 of Swords. This card is often about trying to make a metaphorical journey from one point to another often in an attempt to make things better. What we see in the Legacy Tarot is that there are swords sticking out of the water which is a good indication that the way is not very smooth and sometimes we need some extra help getting to our destination.


The next card is the Page of Swords, as I mentioned yesterday when we had the Page of Wands, pages often indicate messages, being this is the Page of Swords, these may be messages about legal matters, contracts and such. Pages are also related to the Ace of the suit which indicates newness. This is a card about clarity of ideas and being inquisitive. What is interesting about this card is that it shows two swords crossed which may refer to indecision or like the card 2 of Swords, a stalemate or a need to compromise. This card is telling you that you need to maintain clarity of thought and be concise in your communications.  Be logical and honest and speak your truth.


The last card is the Seven of Wands. This card has been coming up a lot recently. It’s about taking a stand and defending your position. Basically this readings says “There are bumps in the road, be cautious and smart, get it all in writing!” DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!




3 thoughts on “Daily Tarot January 22, 2014

  1. Very interesting contrast between this Six of Swords and the others that have come up. Contract the woman figure in the back–can’t tell if she’s even in the boat–with the traditional figure huddled in the hull. The Page of Swords is pretty unique, too. Looks like he’s offering you a choice of weapons for a dual. Cards laden down with layers of meaning.

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