Daily Tarot January 14, 2014

Greetings everyone!
Today we have quite a powerful reading about struggling to keep things in balance.
We begin with the Ace of Cups.


The ace of cups is the card of the heart. It’s about strong feeling, connection with intuition, compassion and love. In this deck, the Ace of Cups is depicted as being under water, which can symbolize  how sometimes we are overwhelmed by emotions, feeling like we are drowning in them.

The next is the Moon which is also very connected to the water element.


The Moon is a shadowy card that often symbolizes feeling darkness and fear. The water in the card is dark, symbolizing things that are subconscious, what lurks down there? See the crab that is coming to the surface? Cancer is also a sign of water and emotions. In this deck there are symbols of the Egyptian God Thoth who was associated with the moon. He was also of course the god of Truth. The Moon can symbolize things that are hidden, secrets or perhaps things we are trying to suppress. There are also Anubis looking dogs which symbolize the underworld. The woman symbolizes the Moon’s connection to the feminine and of course it’s cycles.
The next card is Temperance, this is another card of the Water element.



Temperance of course is about keeping things in balance and harmony. Temperance is also an angel card, she is there to offer hope and to help.This reading is about feeling over whelmed, steeped in emotion, and it’s definitely a struggle to keep it all going. Throwing another card down for clarification and it’s the World. The World is a reminder to us that no matter how bad it gets, all things shall eventually pass. This card plus the moon reminds us that everything moves in cycles. We are coming to the end of a cycle and that can be a highly stressful time as we transition and say goodbye to things we have known or people we have loved. It also means we are looking ahead to something new!

Putting down another card, it is the Two of Coins.


This fellow is doing a balancing act, trying to juggle things and keep it all going and under control.Facing certain truths can be hard and overwhelming sometimes to the point of making us feel like we are losing our sanity. Things can be severely out of whack and yet we still need to drive the kids to school, catch the bus for work or get dinner on the table. It leaves us feeling very surreal. We may be undergoing these huge life transitions but we still need to do the mundane everyday things that keep our own small worlds turning.
If you are feeling this way, over whelmed, struggling to keep all the balls in the air as well as trying to deal with big life changing issues that have huge emotional impact, try to remember that life is not always like this. This is a phase, the ending of one thing so that there can be the beginning of something new.
When the world spins too fast sometimes the best we can do is dig our fingernails in and just hang on for the ride.


3 thoughts on “Daily Tarot January 14, 2014

  1. In awe at the visual impact of this new deck. The Moon card is simply stunning. There seems to be at least 2 distinct styles of art. The Moon, the Hermit, and Eight of Swords are clearly the same artist; the Page of Wands and Temperance appear to be the work of another. The World and the Two of Coins are reminiscent of the poster art of the famous Leonetto Cappiello.

    What do you know about this deck? Are any other suits besides Coins new? I guess I need to do some research/exploring.

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