Daily Tarot January 9, 2014

Good morning all!

Today we have a reading about being practical when faced with a challenge.


The first card is the King of Pentacles. This king tells you there is a need to remain steady and reliable.


The next card is the Seven of Wands, this card indicates a need to take a stand and defend your position.  On top of this I drew another card for further clarification and it’s the Five of Swords. Coupled with this Seven of Wands there is clearly a power struggle going on here with a “me against them” feeling about it.



The next card is The Fool. I believe in this reading The Fool is a warning against taking actions that you might regret later.


I threw down another card and this time it’s the Queen of Pentacles, yet another card indicating the need for practicality and keeping a level head.

LLqueenpent (1)

I threw two more cards. One is the Wheel and the other is the World (which is the same as the Universe.)


Whatever this situation might be, my advice is to hold tight, remain grounded and wait for things to take their course. It will eventually work out just fine in the end!





2 thoughts on “Daily Tarot January 9, 2014

  1. Looks like to me the overarching message is, “Don’t do something foolish.” Draw another card to be sure, and it says, “Don’t do something foolish.” Etc. Strong reading.

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