Daily Tarot January 27, 2014

Greetings everyone,

I’m taking a hiatus from the daily readings for now as we prepare to move into our new home at the end of the month. I’ll be back as soon as we are settled!




Weekend Spread January 24, 2014


Wow! I did shuffle! Honestly!

Today we have the Tower


Followed by the Ace of Cups which we saw yesterday,


And the Page of Swords which we saw the day before.


The Tower signifies a sudden, change. Something big that changes the whole ball game! The rug is pulled right out from under you and this causes a huge emotional reaction. When this happens, remember this Page of Swords. Clear thinking is required especially if it comes to a legal matter. The two crossed swords indicates conflict so remain level headed. Again, DOCUMENT everything! Dot your I’s and cross your T’s.

For more clarification I pulled the Eight of Wands, a card of swift action and communication. Things may happen fast, there might be a flurry of emails or phone calls. Keep the lines open.


Again we have the Seven of Wands, which we saw on Wednesday. Prepare to defend yourself and your position. STAND FIRM.




January 23, 2014

Good things today, along with some good advice!

We begin with the Ace of Cups, deep feelings, intimacy, and general all round loving energy at work!


Next we have the King of Cups, when kings show up in a reading they take an active role, advising you to act the way they would act. This king is all about diplomacy. He responds to a crisis with wisdom and compassion. These cards together advise tolerance and to face whatever difficulties are occurring with an open heart and an open mind.


The next card we have is the Nine of Coins. Often the Nine of Coins signifies that goals have been achieved after sacrifices and hard work. Rewards are being reaped. The Nine of Coins is also a card about patience, discipline and self-control in order to achieve a goal. The woman on the card enjoys the finer things in life because she has learned the power of self-discipline. She has confidence in her own abilities and that has led to a comfortable life.


The first two cards deal with the emotions, coupled with the King and the earthiness of the suit of coins (pentacles), the advice here is to be aware and in touch of with the emotion of the Ace of Cups but harness it and ground it. Whatever issues come up today, listen with an open heart, trust in your own abilities, stay calm, act with kindness, and compassion and be diplomatic.



Daily Tarot January 22, 2014

Greeting all! We have an interesting reading today.


We begin with the 6 of Swords. This card is often about trying to make a metaphorical journey from one point to another often in an attempt to make things better. What we see in the Legacy Tarot is that there are swords sticking out of the water which is a good indication that the way is not very smooth and sometimes we need some extra help getting to our destination.


The next card is the Page of Swords, as I mentioned yesterday when we had the Page of Wands, pages often indicate messages, being this is the Page of Swords, these may be messages about legal matters, contracts and such. Pages are also related to the Ace of the suit which indicates newness. This is a card about clarity of ideas and being inquisitive. What is interesting about this card is that it shows two swords crossed which may refer to indecision or like the card 2 of Swords, a stalemate or a need to compromise. This card is telling you that you need to maintain clarity of thought and be concise in your communications.  Be logical and honest and speak your truth.


The last card is the Seven of Wands. This card has been coming up a lot recently. It’s about taking a stand and defending your position. Basically this readings says “There are bumps in the road, be cautious and smart, get it all in writing!” DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!



Daily Tarot January 21, 2014


Greetings all, hope the weekend was good!

Today our reading is about partnership.


We begin with the Page of Wands. Pages are the messengers of the deck, they often indicate news of some kind. In the case of the Page of Wands this could be news about a creative new project. The page is the spark that starts the flame. He is about new ideas, excitement and adventure.


Then next card is the Two of Cups. Often this card represents Romance. It is about the union of two in a partnership whether this be marriage, or close friendship.

The third card is the Star which often signifies inspiration and hope.


Whether the relationship is romantic or not, it brings with it great hope and potential.


Good luck!


Weekend Spread for January 17, 2014

Happy Friday everyone!

Today we are still feeling the effects of the success we experienced yesterday!


The Six of Wands is card about victory, the mighty warrior returns triumphant! This may have been an outer challenge, a goal or a task that had to be completed, or perhaps overcoming your own fears and insecurities. Whatever it was, the battle is won and now it is time to reap the rewards!


Now we have the Magician, who has shown up in so many readings lately. What I like about the Magician in the Legacy deck is that the Magician appears not only the be the master, but he is also appears to be the student, still learning something new about his craft after all these years and still glowing with the wonder of it all! Perhaps this recent experience has allowed you to add something new to your repertoire.


Next we have the Chariot, the Chariot is another card about victory. But like the Magician, it is also about will power and being able to direct it. This experience has definitely left a feeling of power and possibly new clarity in the direction you want to pursue. (As symbolized by the light streaming down on the path ahead.) There is new drive but certainly there are also many new possibilities and it’s going to take some gentle strength to wield those horses in. Things might get busy now and you might feel like saying “whoa!” slow down!

All in all, there are new doors opening up as a result of yesterday’s success, be ready because new adventures are ahead!


Blessings and good luck!


Daily Tarot January 16, 2014

Sweet success! That’s what we have today!


Yesterday we saw that we had to have faith in ourselves, today that has paid off! We begin with the Nine of Coins that symbolizes security and comfort having been achieved after much hard work and sacrifice to get there! It’s been a long haul, you had to struggle but now you can enjoy all you have earned!


The Four of Wands is indicates happiness and celebration after achieving a goal along the road to your final destination. In the meantime, take the time to revel in the accomplishment and be proud!


The final card is the Three of Wands. The journey has begun, things are in motion. You are already considering the next steps. This is only the beginning of the adventure!


Good job!