New Year Reading for 2014

Happy New Year everyone! I have pulled some cards and done a full spread for 2014. Let’s take a look at it.


(Sorry everyone, this is as big as I could get it…)

What a fascinating grouping of cards! I put the intention out there that the bottom row would be the beginning of the year, the middle row of course the middle of the year and the top row the end of the year. I get the impression however that first part of the bottom row is actually a summation of 2013.

I want to begin by pointing out two cards that really stand out to me. The first is the Emperor in the very first position and the second is the Empress in the very center. This says to me that we are leaving behind the year of the Emperor. It has been a year of dealing with matters of structure, institutions, guidelines, rules and regulations, and general by the book authority.


This will be the year of the Empress! Just look at her, sitting tall and regal in her rightful place!


Right in the middle of things! The Empress is the Great Mother, she is a card about bounty and the fullness of life. In this deck she is symbolized by the Goddess Rhiannon who represents living a life of authenticy, grace and dignity. She is what we aspire to be, self-sovereign souls with a power that emanates from within.  Over all, we see this reading has a number of cards in the suits of cups and pentacles.  This will be a year about balancing emotional wellbeing with financial, or physical security and stability.  We also have several major arcana cards as well as several royals indicating this will be a significant year of personal growth and change.

Let’s continue looking at the bottom line now.  The first five cards strike me as being about bringing a close to 2013. A year of structure, formality, rules and regulations and hard work. It’s been an exhausting year (just look at that poor soul in the ten of swords).


Let’s not forget however, that we are tempered by hardship. It’s been a year of struggle but the ten of swords signifies that a cycle is finally over and that we leave our old selves behind to rise anew. In the Four of Pentacles we gather our resources, all that strength we have left and make the great leap of faith into 2014.


I love the Fool in the Llewellyn deck. He is a fool who trusts in the greater scheme of things and makes the leap with great intention and purpose of heart! That is how we leap into the New Year, with great hope and anticipation! Once we are on the other side of the great chasm it’s time to relax! The Four of Swords says “Take a break! You’ve earned it!”

You will need this break too, because 2014 will bring challenges of its own, and the Seven of Wands shows you will need to be ready to meet those challenge head on!


Spring through summer appears to be an emotional roller coaster ride.  We start off with the Ten of Pentacles, happy and stable with a focus on home life.


The Queen of Cups is an intuitive woman in touch with emotions and beside her is the Horned One, otherwise known as the Devil in traditional decks. What this indicates to me is that things seem to be running smoothly to outward appearances but, underneath there are issues that are emotional issues not being addressed.


I also find it interesting that the Horned One sits right between the Queen of Cups and the Empress. Unaddressed emotional issues keep you in bondage and stand in the way of the self-sovereignty. The Empress is the true self at the center of it all but to become this you need to face the demons.


The Lovers reminds you that there are always choices. In the traditional tarot the Devil is often illustrated as holding two humans in chains of bondage. The chains however are loose and they could escape if they could see that the choice is there to do so. Often we keep ourselves in bondage allowing ourselves to follow the continuous patterns of behavior. This can be anything from drug addiction to depression, to being enslaved by a persistent feeling of hopelessness. True sovereignty is realizing that we do have the power to control our thoughts and behaviors. This is echoed in the Lovers which can be interpreted as advice to stay true to yourself.


The Page of Cups right beside this I believe is advice to be open. Let your heart lead the way. The Eight of Wands is a card about communication, receiving messages, and quick movement. Put it all out on the table and, TALK about it! Spring and summer will be about bringing hidden issues to the forefront, and addressing them.


Moving into the fall with the four of cups, we see we take time to contemplate all that has happened through the summer and perhaps reevaluate our relationships as seen in the Two of Cups.




The Five of Wands and the Eight of Cups finds us wondering if we should continue carrying the burden this relationship brings or should we walk away?




Throwing an extra card down on these for more clarification it is the Eight of Swords, a feeling of entrapment and restriction. Again, remember that there are choices.



They may not be easy choices but they are there. If she struggles, this woman can maneuver through the bonds and remove her blindfold giving her power and clarity.

Moving now closer to the end of 2014 we see the Knight of Pentacles who tells us to be practical and strong.


Weigh all consequences thoroughly, do what has to be done, and make the responsible decision. If we do this, we can find the fulfillment we seek in the Nine of Cups, and obtain the personal power we have been working towards all year in the Two of Wands.




Certainly not an easy year, but one that promises to be full of personal growth.

Blessings all!




7 thoughts on “New Year Reading for 2014

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  2. Seems as if most of 2014 will be dominated by feminine energy. If so, it will be a delicious change from 2013.

    I find this statement particularly poignant: ‘Often we keep ourselves in bondage allowing ourselves to follow the continuous patterns of behavior. This can be anything from drug addiction to depression, to being enslaved by a persistent feeling of hopelessness.’ But the continuous patterns of behavior can also be hard work, unwavering resolve in the face of adversity, etc. Might these patterns also hold us in the bondage of loose chains?

    • geekyg1rl says:

      The Devil card is about despair, hopelessness and ultimately, fear. It’s about being a slave to something and not seeing any way out of it or not being willing to look for any way out, or being too fearful to look for a way out and thus living with the status quo. It’s repeating a negative pattern of behavior that is harmful to you or those around you. I don’t see “unwavering resolve in the face of adversity” as fitting the Devil card. Perhaps if you took the negative view of that, such as extreme stubbornness or a refusal to face reality or possibly excessive pride. As for “hard work” the Devil side to that would be workaholism. See what I’m getting at?

      • But isn’t a “positive” behavior pattern carried out to the point where it upsets balance and prevents being present and open to other possibilities a negative pattern? For example, I write every day. Seems like a good strong behavior pattern. But if that gets in the way of volunteering at a soup kitchen, might it qualify even if not what we would normally consider “excessive?”

      • geekyg1rl says:

        Is it simply a case of imbalance, or is it dysfunctional? The question is, is it causing you harm to not volunteer at the soup kitchen? Carrying any “positive” behavior to the extreme can you still call it positive? The Devil is a pretty strong card. If it’s simply a case of keeping things in balance then we’d be looking at Temperance or Justice or the Wheel. The Devil is about dysfunction. Are you spending so much time writing that you can’t think about anything else? Are you spending so much of your energy on your work that you are neglecting your relationships? That’s the Devil card.

  3. No dysfunction for certain.

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