Daily Tarot for December 19, 2013

Today we have a reading that’s not so merry as the last few. This time of year can be hard for many people.  If this reading is for you, I hope it helps.


The first card we have is the Two of Stones keyword Challenging. Traditionally, this card is about juggling many things at once and trying to strike a balance. This deck takes it a step further, not only is it a challenge to maintain this balance there is a challenge to integrity or personal power. This is demonstrated in the two hares which are fighting for territory.


The next card is the Ace of Vessels keyword Water of Life. This Ace is always about emotions, and love. It doesn’t matter which deck it is. This issue is a highly emotional one. It may be in regards to family relationships or romantic relationships; it’s drained you dry and left you feeling bereft. This is what we see in the next card which is Six of Stones Exploitation.


The next card is the Knight of Stones. Traditionally, this is a fellow who is practical but he can also be stubborn, digging his heels in when he sets his mind to it. In this deck he is symbolized by the Horse, but I wonder if he would be better symbolized by a donkey.  In this deck he also represents perseverance but he also can indicate that services are required and a task must be completed, and being Mr Reliable, it will get done.


This doesn’t mean you have to be happy about it though. This card is the Four of Vessels keyword Boredom. I look at this womans face however and I see more than that disgruntlement, pair that with our Knight of Stones and it sure looks like this thing is something that you don’t want to do.


Here we get to the crux of the matter. The Eight of Bows, Hearthfire, the family reunion you don’t want to attend because of the family relationships you find so challenging and draining in the top three cards. The obligation is onerous, just look at her face!


The last card I drew, is the advice the Tarot has for you. That is the Two of Bows keyword Decision.


Make a decision and stop sitting on the fence. Are you going or not going? Either way, stand firm by it and take power in it. The Two of Bows is about personal power.  Once you make that decision, OWN it. If you decide NOT to go, know that you followed your heart’s desire and stood true to yourself. If you DO decide to go, know that you are on fire! Own the power ! The bullies at the party can’t hurt you if you don’t let them.  You are on the top of your own mountain and you ROCK!


Blessings and good luck!





4 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for December 19, 2013

  1. I’m going to go with the interpretation that the two hares are dancing, each on his/her own rock. With two rocks, you don’t need to fight. And the challenge is to keep your balance. Yeah, that works for me. Make Dance, not War.

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