Daily Tarot for December 18, 2013

Greetings everyone!

Today our reading is about new beginnings!


We start with the Eight of Vessels keyword Rebirth. Traditionally, this card is about leaving the old behind, realizing that it’s time to let go and moving on. When we do this we take what we have learned and see the opportunity to start fresh and new! This card is about having faced trials and endured and finding the meaning in those experiences so that you were wiser than before.


The next card is the Three of Bows keyword Fulfillment. This card is about taking the first steps towards a new quest. The archer always has his eye on his goal. One must maintain a balance of energy and a groundedness in order to focus to this degree. This is represented in the red and white dragons on the front of the archer’s tunic. Traditionally, this card is about being a visionary, tacking new projects and showing leadership.


The last card is the Page of Stones, represented by a Lynx. This card is about having common sense, dedication and learning new skills. The Lynx is about being watchful, having keen eyes awareness and trusting your intuition. Watch for opportunity and when you see it, jump on it!  Pages also symbolize new projects, and new beginnings, and traditionally this one is about growth in an area that will bring stability and maybe a new source of income!

All in all, this is a very positive reading one that has us looking forward to fresh starts in the  new year with new endeavors that bring prosperity! Good stuff!


Blessings all!





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