Daily Tarot for December 17, 2013

Greetings all!

Beautiful reading we have today, and again, all about the Yule season!


First we have the Six of Vessels keyword Reunion.  This card speaks for itself. Now is the time to come together in joy, and light heartedness.  Reunion of friends, and family, it’s time for forgiveness and putting arguments in the past. This is a card of blessing and contentment, and in the traditional Tarot deck, indicates goodwill, charity, and gifting!


The next card is the Four of Bows keyword Celebration!  “A celebration of health wealth and security, and time to relax and enjoy the bounty of good fortune and labour. A holiday or a festival at a time of plentiful fertility and creativity.”  I took this straight from the book because I thought if I said this was a card about celebrating holidays you might think this is way too coincidental and what kind of bull is this and click away to look at facebook instead. Honestly! I NEVER cease to be amazed at the cards that come up! Tarot is ALWAYS right!


The next card is the Ace of Bows keyword Spark of Life. This is exactly what this time of year is about is it not? Celebration of life and light!






3 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for December 17, 2013

  1. Ellen says:

    The ace could also mean the start of somethin new after the holidays are over 🙂

  2. Five women, four bows, no beaus. Where are all the men? Oh, wait. I remember. They’re all clustered around the fire on the Eight of Bows, telling stories instead of dancing. Shame on them.

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