Daily Tarot for December 16, 2013

Greetings all! Hope you had a good weekend! With the Big Day just around the corner things are very busy!


Today we have a reading that works right in with the Christmas Spirit, it’s all about generosity. First we begin with the Nine of Vessels keyword Generosity. This card speaks pretty much for itself.  When we reach a point of plenty, we must recognize the toil it took to get us to this place and honor our good fortune by giving some of it back. Traditionally, the Nine of Cups is a card indicating much success but it’s nothing without being able to share it with someone!  My 11-year-old daughter tells me that we experience our truest happiness when we give to others. (How did she get so wise?)


The next card is the Eight of Bows keyword Hearthfire.  Here we see a gathering of the tribe around the great midwinter fire! (is this appropriate or what?)  Celebration and joy abound in community spirit!


The last card we have is the Queen of Stones, the Bear. Traditionally, this is the Queen of Pentacles, Queens are the “feeling” of the suit, when they show up they tell us to feel as they feel and this is the Queen of Generosity! She is a symbol of wealth and plenty. She is also the great mother, protector and provider for her family creating a feeling of security and wellbeing.  She is also a queen of practicality so there is a sense of balance here as well. Give generously, share the wealth both spiritually and materially, but don’t forget to put some of that hard won success away for a rainy day! You need to store some up for the “winter”!

All in all, a very seasonal reading!






One thought on “Daily Tarot for December 16, 2013

  1. Ellen says:

    Its funny I’ve seen these cards pop up on several other blogs too. they are indeed seasonal

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