Weekend Spread, December 13, 2013

Greetings all!

It seems that the Nine of Stones keyword Tradition, has more for us to think about today as it’s popped up again and is again, the first card drawn.


The Nine of Stones depicts the Shaman from the Gundesrup Cauldron, who is Cernnunos, the horned god. This card is about reaching back into your primal soul and remembering that connection that we have with nature. We have suppressed this wildness in our modern age but we need to take time to look at the stars, and feel the earth beneath our feet. One of my favorite song writers, Peter Mayer, has a song about this, called “Running with the Buffalo”.

The next card is The Archer, again, much like yesterday we are reminded to gather our willpower and focus our intent. If there is something we really want we have to be bold, and committed and centered. Then we have to take stock of our talents, hone our skills and keep our eye on the target!

The Archer

The third card is the Great Bear who is the guardian of the forest and in this card guards the gates of the tomb. The bear is the symbol of Judgment in this deck and it’s easy to see why. The traditional Judgment card depicts a cave or a tomb in which the body inside is being reanimated in preparation for being reborn to the world and passing through the gates back into the world beyond, or into a new world. The bear does this naturally every year in its cycle of hibernation.  Along with the traditional structure of the Tarot, this deck also makes use of the wheel of the year. The Great Bear is placed at the Winter Solstice, this card is very timely.


Much like Wednesday’s reading, this is a reminder for us to stop and reflect on the importance this season had for our ancestors, and to reconnect with that. Now is the time to go within our caves, so that we may rejuvenate and refocus. It’s an opportunity to take an assessment of our lives and come to some decisions so that when we emerge from our caves with the light of solstice, with new strength and determination. We will have better clarity of what our goals are and how to obtain them.  With the Solstice comes a whole new beginning.




3 thoughts on “Weekend Spread, December 13, 2013

  1. The Archer is quite a curious card. The convergence of Bows and Arrows, two of the suits in the deck. The corresponding card in the traditional Tarot, the Chariot, has some relationship militarily with the Archer, but no particular connection with any of the suits.

    Nor can I think of a corresponding symbol that is so complete immersed in any two of the other suits. Vessels and Stones? Perhaps the crow from the Aesop’s fable?

    Still very foreign. Not bad, just totally alien so far.

  2. Ellen says:

    Strange, because for me it seems these cards speak my soul language
    great song Thanks

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