Daily Tarot December 12, 2013

Greetings all!

Sorry I’m late taday. Busy day.

Today we begin with the Nine of Stones keyword Tradition. This card speaks to us about hearkening back to the traditions and rituals of the past and using them to bring real and purposeful meaning into our lives in this modern world.


The next card is the Queen of Bows, represented by the Hare.  In the traditional Tarot, the Queen of Rods is very much a card about claiming self-sovereignty, feeling  creative, loving, and powerful in your life and life choices. We can see this in the symbolism of the Hare who stands for ambition, artistic endeavors, and sensitivity to others.


The third card is the Ace of Arrows key words Breath of Life, which in the traditional Tarot is the Ace of Swords which we have seen many times in the last several readings. This ace is about bringing clarity of thought, purpose and truth into a situation. It can represent a whole new idea emerging into one’s consciousness and of course new ideas precipice action! The symbol on this card is the head of the Uffington White horse. You see the arrow is right above the eye. According to legend, if you stand on the eye of the Uffington horse you will gain wisdom and your wish will come true. With this card we see a clarity of purpose and it has a feeling of focus.


When I put these cards together I see that it takes some deep thought, going within, like we see in the figure from the Gundestrap Cauldon doing in the Nine of Stones. Seek wisdom from within and also from the the traditions of the past. The Queen of Bows says we have the passion and creativity to achieve our goal but it will take focus and dedication, and perhaps looking at things from a different perspective, as is hinted at if we stand in the eye of the Uffington Horse, (not to mention some faith as well, maybe if we wish really hard our dream will come true!)


Blessings All!




5 thoughts on “Daily Tarot December 12, 2013

  1. Ellen says:

    I do believe in the power of intent. But intent alone is never enough You have to get out of the chair and do something. This queen has the hardest lessons for me. She is so self assured and outgoing, but still, she has the nurturing kindness of all the queens 🙂

  2. There’s a lot I like about this deck. The chalk carvings, the artwork on many of the cards such as the Mourning card (Seven of Vessels, maybe?); the depictions on the Stones cards that have come up so far is spectacular. But I’m just not getting the animals connections. The wolf is OK; but the birds is really a stretch for me. And the Queen of Arrows as a Hare? The first connection that brings to mind is “lunch.”

    Maybe this deck is not intended for guys.

    • geekyg1rl says:

      This deck is very Druidic in it’s nature, (although it doesn’t get into symbolic meaning of trees… I have one of those too, but it can’t be considered a Tarot as it doesn’t have the structure of Tarot). I find when I first draw a card with an animal (such as Hare) I look at it and go “really?” I would not have thought of Hare as a symbol for the Queen of Wands, but then I am always surprised when I do the research because I find it appropriate. Symbolism of animals is not something I have incorporated much into my spiritual practice, and I’m glad that I picked up this deck because I’m learning something new. (I’ve done a little bit of work with them, but not a whole lot) What you need to remember is that they are all symbols, whether they are in animal form, tree form, picture form, or whatever, it’s all meant to speak to the subconscious about the same types of energy or concepts. Animals don’t resonate with you as much as they would perhaps resonate with someone who practices druidism for example. The Tarot may have ancient roots, but the cards as we know them today go back to the 18th century, This deck is attempting to recreate a language of symbols that would have had meaning to our older ancestors, and perhaps further back in our own “older brain”, I don’t think it’s a question of not being “for guys”, it’s simply a matter of what speaks to you. If you’ve ever been interested in native spirituality for example, this wouldn’t seem as foreign to you.

      I think I mentioned before as well the difference between natural and ceremonial. This deck is more connected with “natural magic” where as the traditional tarot is more “ceremonial” in flavor. .http://www.llewellyn.com/journal/article/2082

  3. I’m not totally unconnected with animal magic. For years, we selected a totem animal for the year at our winter solstice celebration, and I’m quite familiar with Animal Cards if various forms, along with the Native American background (admittedly, not as familiar with druidic symbolism). And I know that all animals, hunter and prey alike, all have magic to share.


    The truth is, I simply don’t relate to hunter and prey the same way. That’s why I get the wolf as a King, but am subconsciously baffled by the Hare as a Queen. Yes, there is much power in being the world’s breakfast buffet, but it just doesn’t speak to me in any way.

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